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5/28/2006 12:53 pm

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Couples,...they are the hardest to try to be involved with.
We were contacted by a man in the guise of a couple contact, Supposedly his wife had never done this and was very nervous about it. I spoke with him finally after a few email contacts and we made a time to meet at a casino restaurant.
I subsiquently contacted his wife by Phone and discussed this with her, She was at first very stand-offish but eventually warmed up...a bit.
We met them at the restaurant and they came in smoking, put them out and we went to our table. had a pretty decent dinner and parted friendly (we thought). the husband part of the couple kept calling me on the phone an at one point even pulled his truck over to the side of the road to "have phone sex with me" and I declined the set up because it was stepping outside the boundries of the couple/couple situation.
We next met them at a small bar on Decature. for dinner? when we got there they were just arriving and we all4 went into the building. We went to a booth and sat down. She was wearinf exactly the same thing as the last time. we talked for a while and I finally had to excuse myself to go take a breather outside. They both are chain smokers and NEVER let me breath clear air. I am allergic to the nicotine in the smoke and HAD to get out to breath.
We finally decided to leave and agreed to contact each other later.
We recieved an email later saying that they thought there was something wrong at the meeting and that we were standoffish to them (from her)
My husband wrote back that I had a problem with smoke and had to get outside. after several back and forth emails the situation destabilized to where She was attacking usa saying that we KNEW they smoked and when we sent back that we thought they had curtailed their smoking at the first restaurant because WE THOUGHT THEY HAD READ MY PROFILE WHICH SAYS IDO NOT SMOKE, her answer was that they hadn't smoked because we had gotten a table in a non smoking part of the restaurant.. (went back and read their profile which said they were both 'lite social smokers'
well it deteriorated from there to the point that she attacked with "I don't know why YOU contacted us if you knew we smoked,..IF you are allergic to smoke!" tryiung to tell her that WE did not contact them, that HER HUSBAND initiated the contact resulted in a series of very offensive replies including verbal attacks on my husbands size, which SHE has NO idea what it is. We just deleted her and her husband and never again contacted them as it was quite obvious she NOT going to LISTEN to NYTHING we said. EVERYTHING was someone elses fault.

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That was a very selfish way to react. Comming from a smoker, if you have a problem with it, it is totally understandable and they should have been adult enough to not make you uncomfortable. That is just bad manners. Manners seems to be a thing of the past, it is more like. "Well what about my feelings" does no one think of others anymore???

Hope you have had better meeting since.
Patient may be a virtual but boy can some really tax that virtue..
Have A great Day


fun4sher 70F

5/30/2006 2:35 pm

VixeyNShadow, thaanks for the input, I was wondering if Maybe I had overreacted some, but you make me feel better..

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