Don't be scared to fumble with it!!!!!  

fumble8569 33M
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6/1/2006 1:03 pm
Don't be scared to fumble with it!!!!!

a Conversation starts everything, a realationship, war. A conversation also starts the fumble. Playing fumble in the dark a game I made up just a few hours ago this is what you do.

first: (conversation): you like fucking alot?
but it the other person happens to jump in before you can answer the question then they can start a whole new conversation.

second: This conversation always has to be over sex, no "whats up" or " hey" we always talk about fuckin.

third: If you can hang fuck with me, if not yea, you already know. sometimes I probably change the the title of the blog, but you all will know by then holla atcha boy come on and fumble with it.

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