More than just a game  

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7/1/2006 2:31 pm

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More than just a game

Well like most English blokes I'm fuckin' pissed off rite now (not to mention more than a little pissed) so I just wanna vent my spleen a little bit. We're out of the World Cup AGAIN for the seventh time in my footballing lifetime, and IT IS A BIG DEAL. Random reasons wht it's more than just a game:

1. With domestic football, there's always next season. With the World Cup, there's no such luxury. While it would be lovely to win the Euro Champs, it would not compensate for the missed opportunity to win The Big One. In four years time, this group of players won't be together - Becks will be past it, although some would argue that it would be no great loss after his recent performances - and the conditions in Africa won't exactly help us, espeically given our poor performances in the German 'heatwave'.

2. There's an emotional investment in supporting a football team which is not a million miles away from falling in love. Despite the fact that you know there's a high chance that it's all gonna end in tears, you allow yourself to believe that, this time, things might just be different. Maybe this time you won't have your heart ripped out of your chest and trampled on; maybe, just maybe, the risk of having your faith in humanity trampled upon will pay off, and you'll be rewarded with those feelings of unbridled joy that only come when you completely and utterly commit yourself to the moment.

(I have to say at this point that I might be more pissed than I first thought, and that I'm struggling to find the right words to complete each sentence. Which I find really frustrating. If I ever develop Alzheimer's I'd like to think someone will blow my brains out for me; unless I'm so deranged that I don't know what I'm doing, in which case it might be kinda fun.)

3. When things are completely and utterly shit, like they have been for the last couple of years, living vicariously through others is the best that you can expect in terms of genuine highs. The buzz of watching England win the World Cup would have been the best thing to have happened for ages, certainly ever since the love of my life had a personality transplant and turned into a nasty, self-centred bitch; to have felt even the high of winning a fuckin' penalty shoot-out against fuckin' Portugal would have been something. The feeling that you're living life inside a bubble, unable to experience pure, unrestrained happiness, detached from the world, looking on while everyone else is (or appears to be) having a fuckin' party, is just rubbish.

4. It just is.

Run our of beer, so gonna go and finish all the wine in the house now.

By the way, just in case you read this Daisy (not that I think you would, but a guy can hope): almost finished an erotic story which I'm gonna put out there just for you, babe. Hope you enjoy.

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