In the beginning... Sexy 'new' moments  

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6/15/2006 3:18 pm

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In the beginning... Sexy 'new' moments

Fuck me, that last post was depressing. No doubt I'll return to the doom & gloom somewhere down the road, but for now I'm in a tingling-in-all-the-right-places kinda mood...

I think what I miss most about sex is the shared experience - that feeling where both of you are totally into it, gagging for each other, having fun, feeling uninhibited, on the same wavelength etc. At the same time, many of my fave moments are when my partner at the time has made the first move, initiating proceedings (or even asking permission to begin!). Maybe it's just me, but I have a problem with (cue ironic air quotes) "selfish sex" where I'm getting all my own way and the woman isn't completely into it. There's no bigger turn-off than feeling as though you're using a lover or that she's not digging you like she used to - a sure sign that a relationship's begun that inevitable journey towards Shit Creek. Been there, felt that, barely survived the head fuck...

But that's at the end, and the best thing that can be said about the end of a relationship is that you can look forward to a whole lot of shiny new tingly moments with someone else, someone new, someone who's (hopefully) gagging for you just as much as you are for them. So, enough already - get to the porn! My top 'new' experiences (either with a new lover, or something that I'd never tried before) in no particular order (apart from numero uno):

Blow job round the back of Crown Pools. I'd been out drinking with a mate, and my partner was in town with her sister-in-law, so we arranged to meet up afterwards. We met outside The Cricketers, a pub in town, and headed round behind the local swimming pool (passing a couple coming out, who had just finished...). We had been having text sex for months but had only started getting physical over the last few days, and she'd only previously used her hands on my cock (plus a brief, teasing taste, without finishing me off) so when she prevented me from fingering her to climax by going down on me, who was I to argue? After sucking me to the brink of ecstasy, using one hand in rhythm with the movements of her mouth and the other to massage my swollen, aching balls, she came back up and kissed me passionately; I must admit, I asked her to make me cum, which I didn't feel too bad about since she was an incredibly sexy (not to mention sexual) woman and seemed happy to slink back down and wank me off into her mouth. As my breathing became increasingly shallow I let out a series of low moans - good sexual etiquette, as it let her know that I was about to unleash a hot sticky load, and gave her time to remove me from her mouth and direct the flow elsewhere if she wanted to. But in fact she was happy to pump me all the way down the back of her throat, taking every drop (although she spat it out afterwards, barely missing my shoe!). We kissed deeply (I was a bit unsure the first time a woman wanted to kiss after letting me cum in her mouth, which I guess was a sign of immaturity, but now I find it a bit of a turn-on) and she teased me about 'making her do it' but she never did let me bring her to climax that night. (I made sure to give her her first orgasm courtesy of my teasing fingers the next time we were together, though - it was in my car and she tried to stop me again, but I asked her to let me make her cum and soon she was juddering uncontrollably as waves of pleasure coursed through her body.)

Shit - that went on longer than I intended (but then, stamina has never been a problem for me ). Think I might need to go and, um, "reflect" on that and other experiences on my own. At least I've found a theme I can run with - I think next on my list will be the first time I was seduced by a married woman...

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