Bad Karma, if such a thing exists  

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8/26/2005 9:33 am

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Bad Karma, if such a thing exists

Well the second person I met off the internet, also form that other site and about 3 yrs ago, was an older woman in her 40's from Cortland.

We met at the Burger King in Tully. Talked for a LONG time about sex, sex, and more sex, this woman was a sex hungry freak, I thought I had won the lottery with this one.

So after when we were leaving we slipped over to the left side of the front of the building and began to kiss, her tongue explored parts of my mouth that I never realized were there or that sensative. I began the usual feel up, tits and ass, the tits were a little saggy but the nipple got hard and she started to moan, that's more important than firm tits I guess?

She took my hand and guided it down to her pussy, I reached under the shorts elastic, she wasn't wearing panties, my fingers found her clit easily, she moaned and grinded her hips into my body. I pulled my hand out and licked her juices off my finger, she helped clean my finger, damn that was hot have her lick her own juices, she kissed me, and then said she had to get back home for her kid.

Things seemed to go perfectly, of so I thought, here's the bad karma part.. why can't anything good just happen without the drama..

What she didn'd tell me is that she had to get home to her sick kid, who had some kind of flu
bug virus crap, of course contagious, and had been sick for the last 2 weeks that's why she couldn't meet the week before..

Needless to say the next 2 weeks were absolute hell, I won't go into the symptoms but think about it. Crap was coming outta everywhere, one place literally.... ewwwww right? My hole family got sick needless to say,

Now if you believe in Karma then you know that I never spoke to her again, if you don't believe in karma then you need help, I suppose you don't believe in Santa, the tooth fairy, and the easter bunny either do you?? lol

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