Visual V Cerebral.  

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7/31/2006 12:55 am
Visual V Cerebral.

Well all my pics deleted as I thought there was no point. i believe that the type of person I would want to meet wont be too unhappy with that. All sex really starts in the head. A view of a lovely pussy a nice ass a graet pair of tits is all well and good in the right context. But a smile and a squeeze on the arm from a girl you respect and have lots in common with is 10 x more meaningful and fun than any pic.

I think getting the pussy or the cock out is a bit lazy...esp if they r impressive...well to be fair all pussies impress me...Sad and sorry i know but I am but a simple man.

Guys keep your hard ons to yourself and girls the sexy underwear is more than far enough. If u meet special friends then the odd full on is great between yourselves only... but not for the whole world!

Thats going to be my way from now on.Finally i am on as couple sorry should not be trying to amend

More to follow .......

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