Third time lucky!  

fruitcake1966 52M
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5/29/2006 6:21 am
Third time lucky!

Not just standard members who are ignoring me today but also gold and silver ones!. I don't know about others but it doe smake me cross when you send them mail and they don't even bother to say "no thanks" or "get stuffed"..even acknowledge your existence!

Now I know there are far more men than women on here and, despite womens protestations that its not the case, unless you have about 8" hanging around, they just aren't that rules me

And, another moan, why are there so many faked pictures on here ??!!!. Women (and men) who say they are one thing and then provide a picture clearly taken from a porn site!!!. Why ???

Answers on a postcard to me......c/o the

See ya soon

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