All blogged out!!  

fruitcake1966 52M
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5/22/2006 1:02 pm
All blogged out!!

Hiya Folks..

Welcome to the story of me...which isn't going to be half as exciting as you think it will be.

So..what can I say..well my liver is in my elbow and my brain is in my groin...but at least my hearts in the right

Knowing what to write here is impossible without knowing what viewing public..want to know about me ?? come on and don't be shy..what do you want to know about the most extraordinary person walking gods earth..i e

any questions will be answered, any comments commented upon...

So my first topic will be ...

Why, when somebody mentions watersports, do i automatically think of water skiing ???.

Yeah, I know..bizarre!!!!...and i do know that urine is supposedly good for your is actually, i have very soft feet after missing the bowl so often when drunk and splashing my feet instead!!!..but drinking the stuff ??..ummmm..well i am open to persuasion so thats my first challenge. can anyone convince me of the delights of watersports ??..

Go on..and no taking the piss!!

Catch ya soon.


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