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rm_fromthestarz 50M
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7/23/2006 7:09 am
tantra together

tantra, in practice, means devoting together at least twice a week

no groping and closed eyes kissing until we tear each other's clothes off, that's plain everyday unconscious sex

instead, we intentionally undress each other

if we feel excitement from that, we say so, acknowledging the beauty of our feelings

maybe we begin our appreciation of each other with a bath together, serving each other respectfully and caringly for the precious human beings we each are

next we withdraw to a prepared spot, this might only be a quilt or blanket on the floor, but it will be devoted as our conscious love space

we sit, apart a foot or so, to again bring ourselves conscious and present to the reality of each other's being, to celebrate what we're here for, not to pursue the rush of our own sexual pot boiling over, but to sense, to perceive and witness, the sexual energies as well as the higher spiritual energies in each other, as we blend our sexual energies together. we recite a ritual verse that strengthens our sense of purpose and reminds us deeply to remember to be watchful and receptive

we request, and grant, to each other the privilege of touching, exploring softly each other's body, to begin the rise of energies in each of us

as our bodies enliven from sexual arousal flowing through us, we remain very observant of each other and ourselves, our aim being to let no nuance of our experience go unnoticed

when ready, and by choice and agreement, we inch more closely together to get into our position, sitting between my legs, your thighs wrapped around my waist, mine around your hips, your pelvis slightly tilted upward as your thighs are atop mine, until my erect lingam rests touching the cleavage of your precious yoni

we are in connection now. we have begun by focusing our attention upon whom we're with, trying to sense truly the person that resides within, awakening to the most awesome reality that we are two human beings together by approving choice to be with each other, sexual beings, a connection of special and spontaneous energy that we have chosen to share with each other.

as the most sensitive and pleasurable parts of our bodies touch, energy passes between us, awakening us to the moment Now

we savor the feeling, deliciously, slowly

we are careful to keep our sense of pleasure like a tended flame, up, but not over

with heightened senses we are able to absorb more fully everything about each other, the way we breathe, the feel of one another’s skin, at many areas of our bodies, the texture of our nipples, the firmness of my penis, strong, yet smooth, the firmness and increased largeness of your clitoris, and just the way it peeks from within its hood, usually concealed, but now beautifully present for your pleasure, and mine. every place on each other’s bodies, we touch, and adore, all while present and conscious, seeing with truth into each other’s eyes

this is tantra. it takes hours. why would anyone wish it to take less?

let's practice together, let us learn together, let us have such pleasure together.

perhaps you will feel a calling, as do I, not only for one's own pleasure and satisfaction, but to bring this practice of consciousness more widely into the world to soothe and satisfy humanity, to bring peace amongst us. when humanity possesses this, the greatest richness of life, they will cease all conflict that is based upon fear. love, eliminates fear.

all will arrive in this place some day, might you be ready now? loving wishes, ~ Paul

rm_BuxomNBlonde 63F

12/8/2007 8:41 am

I'm ready!

Kass462 56F

9/27/2011 5:22 am

Wow, I can't say I'm familiar with tantra, have heard a little, never partaken, wish and hope that one day I might. I luv the thought of being so in tuned mentally, physically, and most of all sexually. Jo

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