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frogger1995 40F
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8/23/2005 8:20 pm

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9/26/2006 5:49 pm

Mr. Married

Sorry to disappoint, but there was no sex tonight. And yet, I feel strangely satisfied. I met Mr. Married (the individual who twice canceled on me) and yes, he does look like my favorite radio talk show host and no, he is NOT a liberal. BUT the good news is, unlike my other Adult Friends, he is very open to talking about politics. I won't bore you with the details of that but a good 80% of our discussion was on politics.

To summarize, I was impressed with him, he was enchanted with me. We WILL be meeting again (unless he was full of B.S., which I doubt). He is one of those men who gets his kicks from "fully satisfying a woman." Stay tuned for a posting on that topic.

The most interesting thing is that he helped me flush out my interest in married men. As you know from my profile, I am open to meeting with married men and have thus far met with three of them from this site. All of them have asked me Why?

Mr. Married made me feel so comfortable (or maybe it was the second margarita) that I finally confessed. I LOVE the thought of the person I am with (even if only for an hour) being with someone else. Married men by default are "with someone else." Even better, they not only fuck that someone else, they eat dinner and breakfast with them, they watch TV with them, they decide on wall coloring with them. It's very domestic, and through it all, there is that tiny bit of their subconscious that is focused on me. Mr. Married, who happens to fortunately be very happily married, confirmed this by giddily confessing that he would certainly be thinking about me a lot!

I was reminded of my past boyfriends. I have NEVER been jealous. It drove them crazy. When they glanced at another woman, I wanted to know what they were thinking. I wanted to know the details about their past sexual relationships. This wasn't a demand in a fit of jealous rage, it was stimulation for my already aroused state; just imagining them with another woman could get me off. It wasn't that I didn't like or care for them. I just became hyper-stimulated by the thought of them being with someone else.

This is a topic that requires far more than one simple post. I will definitely have to explore it further. I think Mr. Married will make for very interesting posts in the future.

the1forthenight 34M
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8/23/2005 9:58 pm

I have been told by many men and women on my short 22 years here that women don't want anybody that somebody else doesn't want. I personally think that women like guys who are involed in relationships. I had a friend tell one time that when you see a good looking girl with a man it can be because of 1 of 3 things: money, personaility and sex. And these things will peak a womans interest and make them wonder what is it about him. Not any other dude, but him in particular. Nice back shot if I may add. Keep the pics coming.

rm_Adrianszz 44M

8/24/2005 12:31 am

IM pretty sure Im not the only guy in here to say that when u notice more women flirting and staring at you when you are accompanied by a woman than when by yourself. Anyway, Im amazed at your posts and your never ending enthusiam and adventures frogger. Keep up the good work for your fan club!

WildWon1982 35M

8/24/2005 9:50 am

God, I wish my last girlfriend was more like you. She was the exact opposite. She even lured me into a conversation about fantasies, where I discussed threesomes, and she went into this over-emotional, jealous huff about me not really loving her if I'm willing to share her with someone else, or that I would want to bring someone else into our sex life.

MPLS_FunnyGuy 48M

9/25/2005 5:40 pm

Darn, sorry for getting off topic, but that is a fine photo of you leant up against the door!

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