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frogger1995 40F
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8/8/2005 8:02 pm

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9/26/2006 5:37 pm

I wasn

An actual honest-to-goodness, bona fide date. I met a man tonight who finally got my attention after several e-mail messages (yes guys it does pay to be persistent…this goes for many women here). Anyway I should have known this wouldn’t be my usual meet, greet, and fuck date when I mentioned that I had to shave and he said that it was okey-dokey with him if I was stubbly (?).

Yes, I did actually shave, and even got a little dressed up. I wore my usual fuck-me, low cut shirt and a nice skirt and heels. Well, the shirt worked, but all did not go according to the usual plan.

I usually have a conversation with those I meet with, but the ultimate goal is on both our minds. It usually takes the form of a light-handed interrogation about what they are looking for and what they have been up to thus far.

The same thing happened here but we also moved on to other topics. I knew he was a Mensa member so it became a battle of wits. I think I held my own. The conversation lasted a good two hours and he seemed really interested in more than just sex. I learned a couple of things about how to get a better orgasm and how to practice even safer sex, among other things. We eventually parted ways, since he had to go back to work. Yes, I was disappointed. I wanted sex! But it was a good time all around

Today he called me and asked how I felt about being the center of attention all night long. (!)

P.S. Stay tuned for this Saturday’s post. He mentioned something about a strip club and dwarfs.

rm_talldarkavg1 106M
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8/9/2005 10:02 am

Ah yes...mind candy. LOL those wacky Mensa guys! Sounds like you have a winner here! Tell me, who can say no to a strip club and dwarfs?

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Priapeo 47M

8/10/2005 3:05 am

Strip club and dwarves? Mmm... why have I the feeling that it won't be a mis-en-scene about Snowy White?

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