Having His Way WIth Me  

frogger1995 40F
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9/3/2005 4:46 pm

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Having His Way WIth Me

As you may have guessed from my prior posts, I like a man to take charge of me and tell me to do what he wants me to do. Mr. HMMV is always in charge. Today we met up once again, despite my firm insistence (for various reasons) that we would not be having sex. MR. HMMV understands my limits but also enjoys pushing those limits.

We began with a delightful lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant, then headed to the Chocolate Bar, where I ordered Cookie Dough ice cream and he got Root Beer Float ice cream. We finished while we talked about various topics and headed back to my place after ordering some chocolate covered strawberries to go.

Mr. HMMV wanted to “show me some profiles of women who had contacted him.” I originally assumed that it was to try and make me jealous because I had gone on a date with another man last night.

“So what do you think of them?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” I replied, wondering where he was going.

“What do you think of their profiles; what they wrote?”

I read them again, noting that one was a sub like me and also in to women. “They sound just like me.” I said. “Why do you care what I think? Are you planning some kind of threesome?” I asked jokingly.

He looked me in the eye with a smile. When Mr. HMMV looks me in the eye with that kind of intensity I begin to cower and get shy, reverting to my submissive side.

“Only if you want to,” he said, making it sound as thought I had an option. I knew he wanted that and he would eventually find a way to get it.

“Come here,” he said. I moved closer to him, wondering what he had in mind, since I had insisted on no sex today.

“Open your legs,” he ordered. I was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of shorts, with nothing underneath. I opened them as I was told. He slid his hand up my knee to my inner thigh. Immediately I clenched my legs shut.

“I said no sex today.” I protested.

“I know,” he said slowly, gently re-opening my legs with his hand. “Open them again.”

I reopened them and he slid his hand all the way up. He began rubbing the tiny patch of hair above my pussy and slowly circled his fingers down between my lips. I began to breath heavier and slid down on the bed so that my pussy was more exposed.

“You’re so wet. You know you want me to fuck you,” he said. I moaned and slid down further on the bed.

“Use your fingers,” I replied softly. He slid one finger into me and began circling it. He slid in and out rapidly and I eventually became so wet that he was forced to use two fingers. My moaning grew into screams as he jammed his fingers in and out of me so fast I could have sworn he was a jack hammer. I gave one final scream, and arched my back as I climaxed. He immediately removed his fingers and shoved them in my mouth. I licked them hungrily; I love the way that I taste. He finished the rest himself and slid down between my legs for more.

I began moaning before his tongue even touched me. It’s always the anticipation that gets me. My skin was especially sensitive that today, which is part of the reason why I insisted on no sex. He hovered around my clit, knowing that it drove me crazy, and then dove right in. I couldn’t take it and, in between screams, tried pushing his head away. He ordered me to put my hands above my head, the way he always does. I placed them above me as ordered. He then forced my knees to my stomach, which only exposed me even more. He kept eating me despite my pleading for him to stop, thinking it might go too far. But he continued licking and sucking until he was fully satisfied and I had come multiple times, thoroughly exhausted.

He then stood me up, and from behind, he pulled my shirt up over my breasts and grabbed them out from my bra. As he squeezed them he whispered in my ear, “Ride me like you are fucking me.”

I began sliding my ass against his crotch. He ordered me to go faster and I began slamming my backside against him, feeling his bulge straining against his pants. He squeezed my breasts, which were more sensitive than usual some reason. His very touch caused me to shiver. I nearly fainted as he rubbed and squeezed my nipples. I grabbed a picture before I felt him come behind me. He smiled and thanked me as I redressed myself.

So, he didn’t get any sex, but he still managed to get his way.

rm_dragonspyke 35M

9/3/2005 5:57 pm

I'm surprised he didn't you. You be careful out there. Some men just won't take no for an answer.

2xTwiceShy 52M
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9/3/2005 7:48 pm

I have a bit of gift in bringing ladies off while they still have their clothes on. Images of plane rides and family events would come into play here. So ride on. There's plenty more ways to earn a smile than getting naked, not that getting naked isn't generally the best. Thanks for the images.

frogger1995 40F

9/3/2005 8:13 pm

dragonspyke: Here's the thing. I am a sub but it doesn't mean I am not in charge. Many of my real life posts deal with a man being in charge. It never goes beyond our set up boundaries. Don't worry if it sounds like a man is taking advantage of me, he isn't

mike123986 32
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9/3/2005 10:49 pm

Hey, you are a beautiful lady. I would like to get together with you. I live near the Woodlands and will come to you. Reply if your interested. thanks

rm_dragonspyke 35M

9/4/2005 7:45 am

<i>dragonspyke: Here's the thing. I am a sub but it doesn't mean I am not in charge. Many of my real life posts deal with a man being in charge. It never goes beyond our set up boundaries. Don't worry if it sounds like a man is taking advantage of me, he isn't </i>

Sorry, I knew you were a sub. I was just wondering and curious abotu the situation you know? I can be pretty dominant, but I usually give like a safety word if its too rough or something. So thats why I was curious and concerned. But glad to know you were in control. Write me sometime.

rm_lokiuy29satx 43M

9/4/2005 11:06 am

I think I would of licked my own fingers if they were wet with your love juice...

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