stuck or not  

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4/21/2006 7:39 am

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stuck or not

Trying not to get stuck in the moment , yet finding accountability for my actions.
I came to AdultFriendFinder cause I was lonely. I know most people use this as a tool to get through their days and aren't here to change their life. Searching for "something" does allow people with like interests to share what is common between them.
I was fortunate to find another with ideas I thought were similar to mine and I began to believe I wasn't so lonely anymore. It was really nice getting to experience that "something" while it lasted.
Wasn't romance.. wasn't love.. and it wasn't even about the sex.
I can't even explain what it was because that is where I get stuck.

Only time now will resolve what I keep with me and what I let go of forever. As I continue, there will be parts from this that will affect how my actions in the future will direct me.

I still say, "thank you for touching my spirit and visiting my life."

and to all those that try to walk along side another - just cause you stop doesn't mean the things that were shared have to be torn apart.
Peace Rules.

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