Today is Wonderful. For Carlos has laid down the law!!  

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8/23/2006 10:34 am

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Today is Wonderful. For Carlos has laid down the law!!

Well for you if you have followed the events thus far with my adventures with Carlos, you will have discovered that those people who have visited the WTF who is to belong to this womanjerseygem70 to see that America tried to make a mockery of the Great Carlos. It was later in the question, Does any woman think she can resist the great Carlos, that we were amazed to discover that more Americans made a further mockery of Carlos.

Well it was yesterday, my friends, precisely one day before Carlos amazed me with his bicycle riding and guitar playing, that we decided, that perhaps it was time we layed down the law, and show these Americans how fierce we are, such that they will think twice before deciding to mock the Great Carlos.

But first I must tell you of the events that unfolded after the amazements of which astonished me this morning.

After the heavens had been awakened by the swift guitar playing of Carlos, and the ground equally so by the preciseness of the circle in the dirt created by his bicycle while simultaneously playing such music, it was then that I could not contain my appreciation.

I began to applause uncontrollably as tears streamed down my face. It was then that Carlos removed himself from the seat of which is that of this bicycle, and did he grab the bicycle with one hand, and flung it so far that I could not see of where in the cornfields such that did it land.

He then walked up to me fiercely, and stood before me with his hand on his hips and his chin pointed to the sky.

I could no longer control myself, for it is now that I must hug Carlos.

Aware of the miracle that had recently unfolded, for it was Carlos first time playing a guitar, and also his first time riding a bike, we embraced ourselves in each others arms and cried phrases of affection to each other in our native tongue.

It was at that moment, that we heard a rustling in the cornfields, which struck us with immediate and fierce alertness.

"Who could that be that is in our cornfields, of which may cause us to contemplate as to whether this situation bears that of which is considered a crisis?", I could tell Carlos was thinking.

First Carlos began to walk fiercely and abruptly into the cornfields and then it was I who followed after him. We marched forward at a Carlos-Great speed, pushing the corn side to side as we went.

It was then that I noticed Carlos hesitate before a clearing of which I could not see over his mighty shoulders.

"What is it, Carlos. What is it?"

He pulled the corn branches to the side for me to
And there alone, stood a Donkey chewing un remorsefully on our corn, as though he was disprectfully spitting in the faces of the lifetime of work completed by Carlos great father.

It was very clear to us that the only reason that this Donkey was here, and chewing the corn so sarcastically, was not for the sheer enjoyment of eating the corn, but rather to mock us.

Our eyes instantly met with fierce anger, and our stare was long as I tried to calculate the many things he was thinking.

Much later, in a precise instant he nodded our heads simulaneously, and it was then that we found our greatest struggle of all.

Soon however, the donkey was powerless to the mighty strength of Carlos who now held the donkey firmly in a headlock as I zipped down my pants and began to walk behind the donkey to give it pleasure.

It was then, that Carlos abruptly held his hand up to signal me to stop.

Again our eyes met in silence as I tried to calculate his thoughts.

It was then, that he tapped his finger on his head several times, and I looked at him inquisitively, as to decipher what he wished for me to think.

A few seconds later, the mighty thoughts of Carlos struck me as though it were lightning and I understood what he was trying to say to me.

I then zipped my pants back up.

And then walking ever so cockily with my arms relaxed far out to my sides, I strutted up behind the donkey.

I then fierced inserted my head into the ass of the donkey, and began to penetrate the donkey's ass with my head. I began to move my head in and out faster and faster as the donkey struggled to relieve himself of such pleasure to no avail.

When Carlos decided that the donkey had had enough, he signalled for me to stop.

We both stood mighty and proud and stared down scoldingly at the donkey who once sosarcastically tried to eat our corn, and who now bowed his head in shame.

As we stood with our hands on our hips, and our chins pointed to the sky, we were now more fierce and proud than ever.

It was then that we began to walk fiercley back to the hut, as my pasty brown head glistenned so gloriously in the sunlight.

This great feeling I now had would never have been possible without the great Carlos.

And now, it was with this, that we became certain that America, would never undermine the authority of two men who are as fierce as he who is Carlos and he who is a friend of Carlos.

So come people.
Come with me and Carlos.

Come and you will see how America shrivels down in mercy at the fierce commands we bestow upon them, and you will see.

It is when you click on this blue link, you will discover how it is we have now taken command of our situation, and how we have refused to allow America not to let us dictate them.

When you read the comments to You Will OBEY CARLOS!!!, which we have not yet read, you will see the many women who are now willing to now give into their fragile submission, and beg mercy from the strong and mighty ahands of Carlos.

At the end of this comment, we shall give our Gratitude in a comment of our own, to the many American women who will have surely surrendered to our brilliant technique.

Let us go now, shall we.
Let us ALL follow who?
Carlos, that is who.

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