Today I was Amazed by Carlos  

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8/23/2006 8:56 am

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Today I was Amazed by Carlos

Hello people and it is for today that I am glad.
While it was before that I was not glad but instead I was mad it is today I am glad for I have exciting news to bring you about the wonders of which are Carlos.

It was but moments after the skypiercing crow of the rooster, of which I had awakened from my cot, and when I looked over to the Great cot of which belongs to Carlos, it was to my great puzzlement to not underdstand why it is that Carlos is not there.

I abruptly walked over to the window and began to think.

Where could it be that is Carlos?

It was then, when could not find an answer that my ears began to be carressed by the most beautiful music I had ever heard.

Who could it be that is making such beautiful music, I asked.

Surely no ordinary man could ever make music of which sounds such of the Gods as this.

And it was then quickly that I noticed a man on a bicycle who while he rides he also makes this beautiful music on his guitar.

I cried, as I wiped a tear from my eye while this man swiftly played his guitar and rode his bicycle around in small circles.

The music that echoed off into the cornfields of divinity as though it were speaking to my very soul, perfectly complimented my amazement at the geometric perfection created by the ever so small circles of which he rode his bicycle around and around.

At that moment I prayed he would never stop.

And who is such a man who can play such beautiful music and create such perfect circles while riding a bicycle such as this?

What man do you ask turned the complete shock and horror of finding Carlos missing from his cot, into one of the happiest days of my life?

Who is such a man do you ask?

It is Carlos.

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