There will come such a day, that JERSEY GEM WILL NEVER RESIST CARLOS!!  

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8/21/2006 9:39 pm

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8/22/2006 2:19 pm

There will come such a day, that JERSEY GEM WILL NEVER RESIST CARLOS!!

Do you think it that is Carlos in such photo?

No it is not Carlos.

Carlos is much more grand.

You people are much too foolish in your country to understand this.

It was today as I left Carlos in the great fields of our land to come into the hut, to use the laptop so swiftly stolen by who?


When I went back desperately to find the reply that I was certain to be yes, by a female we felt deserving of the Grand schlong of Carlos, it came as my shock and amazement, that there exists such a woman who dare resist Carlos.

After reading WTF, it came upon my Great, but not Carlos-Great knowledge, that it is this woman jerseygem70 who writes such a posts about the Emails she received.

I put my chest out proud, and looked to my side at the great Carlos whose mighty hair blew swiftly in the cornfields.

Eager to see what writhing whimperings of ecstasy would be spoken of the Great Carlos, my jaw dropped in anger, to discover that many had come to laugh at the great Carlos!!

YOU AMERICA, LAUGH AT THE GREAT CARLOS, I, I thought in shock and horror.

Then this horror became great anger and envy, for it is not such that anyone will make a mockery of the Great Carlos.

Therefore, it was then that I called out into the great cornfields owned by the great Carlos, and brought him into the hut, to show him what a Mockery America is making of the Great Carlos.

It is then that Carlos only put his hand gently on my thigh, and he nooded out the window, at our wisest and most unwilling sheep.

It was then that our eyes met, and we both knew what it meant.

First the Great Carlos started out to the great cornfields, and I followed after him.

After great satisfaction which was unfolded through events known only to the great Carlos, the anger once again set in.

It was then, that I knew that it must be the mission and sole purpose of this blog to make Jersey Gem Surrender to the Will of the Great CARLOS For ALL TIME.

And, now, America will learn that no one shall ever make a mockery of the Great Carlos, and that no woman shall be out of our reach.

And now we plan.

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