Aug 23 - A tuesday like most others. But definatly not a thursday.  

friend_benefits_ 37M
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8/23/2006 12:21 am
Aug 23 - A tuesday like most others. But definatly not a thursday.

So it's just past 3 am. I'm forced to sleep in the basement as I have company over. Although its colder down here, it is by far less comfortable. The sofa is at least twice my age, and has very little support left, aswell it's about 4 inches shorter than I am in length so I cannot stretch my legs out fully.

However, I do have a tv here, but there's never anything good to watch.

I'm feeling particularly frustrated sexually. I'm looking for a specific type of relationship. As my nick would suggest, it would be friends with benefits. I'm not sure what the issue is, but I don't seem to get much in the way of interest in my profile. Am I asking or looking for something that turns people off ?

Are there too many guys looking for a more mature woman? I fantasize about older women almost constantly. But I would assume so do 80% of the guys on here. I wonder if there is something to set myself apart from the others. I beleive I have been as honest and stright up in my profile as I can. Perhaps there's too much information there.

I'm feeling at little depressed that I only get 2 of 3 prfile vews a month, and that I get even few replies to my email messages. I'm never vulgar and am always poilte but that may not be interesting. Perhaps the subjects I put are not interesting enough to warrent them being looked at. I am sure some of the women I email get hundreds of emails daily and that mine are of little significance.

I'm not looking for sypathy or anything, I'm just curious as to what I might be able to do to increase the number of hits my profile gets, and perhaps have a little more intereaction with people.

I'm not particularly in the mood to do anything by myself tonight. I've tried talking in the Ontario chat room, but I'm really shy and don't really have much to say that I would think to be interesting or worthy of conversation. As well having 73 males and 3 - 8 females in any given chat rooms does not put the odds in my favour. I suppose I could look up some erotic video on the internet TV but I think that would only provide temporary satisfaction. It might help me get to sleep.

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