Womens descriptions  

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10/30/2005 5:32 am

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Womens descriptions

TheQuietGuy was curious what was a womans "job description"! All women are different so, I am going to touch on a couple factors for him....

1. When a woman asks if she looks fat...do not answer. Play deaf and dumb. This act with gaurentee you a longer life for you.

2. Women are allowed a "Girl's Night Out". Men are not allowed a "Boy's Night Out" because their nights out usually consists of other girls' night out! See what I mean?

3. When driving, understand that the woman in the passenger seat is actually the director. You are there only to break, steer and go vroom vroom!!!

4. WHen going out to dinner, reserve yourself to being the dress up doll. You will wear what she wants you to and you have to just deal with it. That football sweatshirt is NOT proper attire, ok?

5. WHen your woman writes a grocery list, follow it per batem or you will NOT eat. If it says Kraft Mac and Cheese, do not try to save a dime by getting the generic kind...you will wear it instead.

6. If you forget an anniversary or her birthday, may as well grab a sleeping bag, a coleman lantern, and some beef jerky cause you ARE camping in the backyard with the dog.

7. Women have the right to change their minds...no ifs, ands, or buts, about it. No use in fighting this fact cause it is a inherited trait, handed down among the generations and held very sacred! No use in fighting this force!

All in all...to answer THeQuietGuy....a woman's job description is her reaction to what the men do first! She has the right to change her description at any time and cannot be held accountable for such changes.

(Disclaimer notice: this is just an opinion, any statements or facts enclosed are purely those of the consensus and not of this site...thank you!)

xx FREETIME648 xx

TheQuietGuy2005 55M
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10/30/2005 9:30 am

Thank you for clearing that up! Not so much a job description as a warning, methinks.

Still, I like a challenge ...

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