Sizing it all to speak  

freetime648 53F
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3/6/2006 4:55 am

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3/7/2006 3:11 am

Sizing it all to speak

I was watching a program the other day and it had a woman featured on it that wanted her vagina "tightened"!

This really shocked me. Why would a woman want to do that? I researched it a little bit and found that alot of women have this procedure done for the main reason of their boyfriends or husbands wanting them to feel like a virgin again. But, I also found that after having the surgery the vagina "reverts back" after it has been "worn" back in........

I can understand a lot better if the woman was doing this for their own personal reasons. But, if a man told me to do it.....I would tell him to go get a bigger dick! Most of these men that say this do so to the woman who has had their children. And we all know that having children does a number on the vagina! Why is this so hard for a man to understand?

What would a man honestly say if I was to ask him to go get something done to his pecker so that it feels better for me? He would slap my ass and call me a retard! No Way would he do this. So, why should a woman?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....something to think about I suppose!

xx FREETIME648 xx

bipolybabe 56F

3/6/2006 8:14 pm

As you probably know, freetime648, doing kegels will help tighten it back up to some extent through muscular control, but a lot of people don't realize that if a woman is fully aroused, I mean really full of blood from full arousal, her pussy will tighten up quite pleasurably.

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rm_wombatlove69 49M

3/6/2006 8:16 am

Free.....there is also a good, personal reason for women to do this. After childbirth (or multiple), the vagina can loosen a lot (A-DUH). With some women, it can get to the point where the Cervix is basically hanging all the way down (Not much support left). Not trying to be graphic, it happens relatively often. Anyways, some articles talking about 'tightening' may also be referring to something called 'Posterior Repair', which is for the womans sake, not some selfish boyfriend. It's a quality of life issue for the woman. I know there are surely those A-holes out there who would ask a girlfriend/wife to do this for the mans benefit, but I do not believe that is the primary driver of this procedure.

oldman1776 79M
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3/6/2006 7:48 am

To me that is so damn dumb. If they don't like what you have then pack there ass out of there.

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