Remeber this?  

freetime648 53F
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7/27/2006 3:05 am

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7/28/2006 3:32 am

Remeber this?


Just thought of this and wondered what you all think of when you hear it???

I think that Freetime648 is showing her age....or her stupidity.....hell maybe it is both!

xx FREETIME648 xx

MillsShipsGayly 53M

7/27/2006 5:35 pm

Hah .. that made me look her up .. Clara Peller .. died all theway back in 1987 ...

Funny ad.....

Also used in politcal primaries .... lol

TheQuietGuy2005 55M
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7/27/2006 1:38 pm

It reminds me of British restaurants of the worst days of yesteryear when hunting for a piece of meat (as opposed to fat) underneath the over-cooked vegetables was a commonplace time-killer.

Ahhhhh! Happy days!

digdug41 50M

7/27/2006 12:50 pm

I remember that commercial too thats classic

roaming the cyber streets of blogland

rm_gerson42 53M
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7/27/2006 12:42 pm

The mental picture of the little old lady instantly jumped into my head. Now that is funny.
ger - (Commenting freely and without expectation.)

Sweetpickles69 48F

7/27/2006 8:51 am

Hell Yeah! I remember that!


citizen4722 60M  
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7/27/2006 6:28 am

Don't hear it much down in the S.W. of England, i don't think i've ever been asked 'Where's the beef' (trying to think of an alternative !!).

funintheday2006 57M
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7/27/2006 6:25 am

I look under the french fries

Dekora 54M
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7/27/2006 6:11 am

When I here "Where's the beef?" I check my zipper, make sure the barn door's shut.


Welcome back - hope life is getting into a groove for you.

-- Quin

ZZ_Todd 60M

7/27/2006 3:32 am

Those were the days! I'm surprised no one has ever really answered that question, so I'll take a stab at it.

Where's the beef? Well... it went back to being soft after the "Plop-Plop, Fizz-Fizz" even though it "took a lickin' and kept on tickin'"

Enjoy your age... nothing stupid about it!

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