Kissin and tellin  

freetime648 53F
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4/24/2006 1:06 am

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11/12/2006 5:17 pm

Kissin and tellin

They say a lady never kisses and tells............

Who said I was a lady!!!!!!????

This weekend I had a friend coming over to supposedly challenge me in a few games of pool. I tried and tried to tell him that I was doin some serious ass whoopin.... AND I DID!!!! But, it was when we got home things started lookin up...

Now, here is the part where a lady never kisses and tells.......but as I said I am not a lady so I will tell you this......

I kissed him ......or did he kiss me??? Either way I DO NOT CARE.... I had a blast all weekend and finally so!

I needed that time to just relax and be myself...........

No see, If i had went further than the kissing do you really think I would spill the beans???? C'mon people.......

xx FREETIME648 xx

HotDev1l 46M
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4/24/2006 3:36 pm

Sounds like you were very busy

Valdrane78 39M

4/24/2006 3:26 am

I know what happened...

BANG! POW! BOOM! a study in useless knowledge and sick humor!
I want a damn soundtrack to my blog

GB_Cple 67M/56F  
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4/24/2006 2:38 am

was hoping u would , but we'll just have to guess lol

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