I drink alone  

freetime648 53F
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11/25/2005 4:14 am

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I drink alone

"I Drink Alone"
George Thorogood

I am not much of a drinker...but occassionaly I get that urge to just park my ass down and have at it. NOW is one of those times when the urges become over-whelming! Hubby is not much of a drinker either, actually he becomes quite boring when he drinks...he just sits there glass in hand with the stupidest grin on his face. I need someone who can have fun and hang with me because I can just about drink anyone under the table. Yes, I am a fish.

If you could sit and get wasted with one person in the world who would it be??? I do not mean someone you can get drunk and take advantage of...I mean one who you could have a good, fun, drunken evening with..without all the sex drama!!!!

My list is:

1. Matthew McConahay: he would be hard to keep my hands off of but I would try
2. Keanu Reeves: he would stimulate my drunken mind into a frenzy I think
3. Stephen King: I am sure you can figure that one out....FREAK!
4.Jennifer Anniston: she would just crack my ass up
5.Alan Alda: brilliant mind but needs to let loose a bit
6.Bono: all his activism has got to be released in gesture sometime...I am willing to be a part of that
7.My mom: cause I know her...she is definite need of one good drunk

Who would you want to drink and get trashed with?

xx FREETIME648 xx

jdohio366 52M/51F

11/26/2005 1:36 pm

Hmm. I would like to finish the one that we started!! Then I guess Ted Nugent, Tiger Woods, Ginger and Amber Lynn and the Cleveland Indians! It might take a day or two but I would give it a shot!! Keep smiling!!

GangBangCple 67M/56F

11/25/2005 5:52 am

I have an extreme low threashhold when it comes to AL.K. Hole, but I'm sure Mrs GB could keep up wth you,
maybe we'll find out one day.

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