Head Banging.......but which head????  

freetime648 53F
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4/18/2006 4:51 am

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4/20/2006 12:57 am

Head Banging.......but which head????

A few of us were chattin away in a chatroom and the subject came up about 80's bands and their music. One poor soul brought up ABBA...okie dokie.....decent band but not one I would call a ROCK band nonetheless! I can just picture me head Bangin to Dancing Queen.... NOT!

Well, it got me to thinking how much of an impact this music had on me. Thinking of things I was doing at the time of rockin out to those tunes.

Cinderella : "Nobody's Fool" was playing and I was getting high for the first time!
Def Leppard : First concert with Bon Jovi..I had to clean the whole house for the right to go......
AC/DC: Got my first and last Hickey to "You Shook Me All Night Long!"
April Wine : "Just Between You and Me"...got me my first writing award...I analyzed the words to it...
The Cars : Oh My.. the MTV Saturdays with my best friend! Ric Ocasek was so geeky then...wait..he still is...but God Love him!
Billy Squier : "I Need You" was playing when my mom's car hood flew up into the windshield....ok I WAS doing 95m.p.h. in that Civic....not bad for a Honda....
Whitesnake : Drinking Old Milwaulkee beer at the resevoir and skinny dippin to "In the Still Of The Night"......

Now, I am not saying this type of music makes anyone do goofy shit, but I will say it made doing the goofy shit a bit more entertaining and memorable......

xx FREETIME648 xx

easygoingguy852 48M
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4/19/2006 1:53 pm

any of the gigs i went to in the 80`s,i was pretty much out of my head.but at anthrax i remember i dislocated my shoulder,stage diving in the middle of mad house,at faith no more during the real thing i headbutted the guy in front and was slightly concussed and at suicidal tendencies i got crushed in the moshpit during trip at the brain dispite all that,i still love the music and now i have little more sense i just chill out at the bar when the bands are on but a part of me still wants to be in the pit ! good music ,you just can`t beat it !

sexyblokeinlincs 55M
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4/19/2006 9:18 am

I remember having a girl friend on my shoulders for much of a frantic UK Subs set and even po-going away with her up there - left my crippled the next day, but her crippling was more immediate, and more personal, as I remember.....


mysticknight6935 52M

4/18/2006 11:03 am

Ohhh the memories of 80's music and what we were doing when we heard it.
Bands I remember:
Journey-got my first blow job to Seperate Ways
Boston- Got high for the first time to....to....yeah..what was that song?
Styx- got laid to styx often
Ozzy- Got my first speeding ticket to Crazy Train
Meatloaf- Got my next speeding ticket to Bat outa Hell
April Wine- gave my first hickey
Poison- Got passed out drunk over a girl to "every rose has its thorn"

WOW, now I'm feeling all nastalgic..where did I put those parachute pants and leather jacket with the zippers to nowhere!???

As for the ABBA stuff...yeah...I was there when the guy mentioned them as a great rock band of the 80's and was even ashamed that I knew some of their songs! The chicks were hot, but the music most certanly did NOT ROCK!

saddletrampsk 55F

4/18/2006 9:13 am

Wow..I think we listened to the same tunes in the 80s..ABBA..sheesh..I wouldn't have the nerve to mention that band in a chat room..

citizen4722 60M  
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4/18/2006 8:28 am

Some good 'stuff' free !!
Appart from AC/DC those band's come under the term:

Adult Oriented Rock
What goofy shit came up with that ????

imLadyBambi 59M/51F

4/18/2006 8:20 am

Good memory!
Sounds like you definitely had fun back then.

Lady Bambi

rm_saintlianna 46F
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4/18/2006 8:18 am

"I am not saying this type of music makes anyone do goofy shit"

I think I am, God knows it did me.

rm_art_persists 53M
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4/18/2006 8:14 am

My friend had his jaw broken by a swift kick to Motley Crue's "Shout at the Devil". BTW my body wasn't the devil

GoddessOfTheDawn 106F
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4/18/2006 5:14 am


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