And how was your morning?  

freetime648 53F
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8/2/2006 1:11 am

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8/3/2006 8:43 am

And how was your morning?

Today is seemingly becoming "ONE OF THOSE DAYS!" I do not know why or where this bad karma is coming from but when I got up (20 minutes) ago I just got this irge to say fuck it and go back to bed.

First off, I am greeted by a pile of cat throw-up on the floor....why they cannot be taught to do this in their litter box I do not know! And then, once their little tummy is empty and not so queasy anymore...they begin their race through the apartment like it was Talledega Raceway! Using me as turn 3! Damn, their claws hurt trying to hug that turn!!!

Watching my morning CNN I see the usual carnage and war footage that I am just not in the mood for! (changes channel to MTV)!

MTV is playing the same songs over and over, decides to leave it here for the sake of hoping to see Bela B or Xavier little hotties that I cannot get enough of!

***cats run through yet again....wait.... the male stops and shows me his "One Eye" (means he is happy and wants me to love on him)...No way you fuzz-ball....I do NOT want to see that this early!!!***

My nipple hurts.....the piercing got in my friggin hair last night in my sleep and that F****** hurts! So, either cut the hair, remove the piercing, or wear clothes! My shit itches "downstairs" like a rash but it is just where I decided to shave all of it off....OK, So I am the epitome of a retard!!!! **asks self with a slap on the head "WHAT WAS I THINKING"?

Ok, ok, I am done whining...maybe I should just go back to bed for a bit ..maybe I should get dressed and pretend to be a productive citizen in life, maybe I should just shave the cats, clip their claws, feed them different food, get cable with english speaking channels, take better notice of the piercing and never shave all my shit again!


How has your day been???

xx FREETIME648 xx

maverick1255 52M
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8/2/2006 11:57 pm

Yea, I would say just go back to bed. It makes it all go away!

Shaving, you will again. Sorry, but truth! Better, next time, it needs to be a 'shared' event!!! More fun, and much more attention to details!!!

citizen4722 60M  
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8/2/2006 8:02 am

WOW..and your day had only just begun, don't go outside if i were you!!. My day started with the usual Wednesday trip to the Town super-market (sorry i mean mart!!), then queing up in the post office for half-hour with a heavy parcel of vinyl albums to send off. I get home and have to wait for a phone call, still waiting !!

funintheday2006 57M
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8/2/2006 1:33 am

A damn site better than yours thank god

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