Boyfriend dump her for another girl.  

freeporn8 64M
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6/22/2006 10:32 pm
Boyfriend dump her for another girl.

Hi,I night i went to usual coffeeshop to have some beers.There i met a lady sitting and crying softly.Since the shop was packed,Only her table was availabe.I ask her can i have a seat here .She lookup to me and said yes.I ask her if you need my help,Her face lite-up and look at me for sometime.Then she told me that her boyfriend had left her without paying the bill.So i said to her,care to join me for some beer.She said ok,So i approach the boss and ask how much was the bill the lady has to pay.The boss check and told me that the bill was $15.80 cents.So the boss included it together with my bill.At the end she was talking about herself to me.I paid the total amount and ask her,Where are you going.She told me she want to come to my house for the night.Since it was late,I took a stroll with her to my place.She was drunk when i entered my house.I told her to sleep on the sofa set,while i slept on the floor.About 2 in the morning i found her stark naked,sucking my cock.I got so horny that i started to lick her pussy.We got so hot that i started to fuck her slow and steady.She became so hot she started to straddle me like a horse .

rm_pl1020long 42M
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7/7/2006 8:16 pm

so nice meet ,and how old is she ,haha u luck

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