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9/21/2005 8:03 am

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Hey all, I have recently found myself a dominant master on the internet. it is not the female companion that i am serching for but fun all the same. I was never into the submissive/ dominant life style but he has been emailing me for sometime and just popped the question and sent a contract. it is weird because it is on the internet but i think that i really lik it. He tells me what panties to wear, what to eat, how to pleasure myself, and punish mysef if needed. i am normally the dominant personality in my marriage so this is all new for me. but i have found that since this realationship started I have changed alot. when my husband and i had sex the other night I wanted him to be really rough. i wanted to be tied up and have my hair pulled hard and my ass smaked. the more rough he was the more turned on i got. i don;t think that i will ever want him to actually beat me or anythink to crazy but i do like it a little rough but their is one problem. he feels guilty like when he was going in the back door the other night. Which we don't ever do. I screamed in pain but we were haveing that kind of sex. rough and lite pain. well he was into the moment and did not stop which i was glad about. but after he got really weird. he said he felt really guilty for hurting me and that he couln't play like that anymore. so now i really need a chik. so that I can one fullfill my need for pussy and two fulllfull my need to get my ass spanked and fucked. oh well. someday i guess.

rm_Mastrjay 53M
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9/21/2005 11:26 am

This lifestyle is amazing. I live it every day. Your just starting to scratch the surface. Most people who have dominant lives sometime find it very liberating to give over control, especially sexually. Never question your needs just embrace them.

If you and your husband ever make it to New York look me up I work with a lot of couples. If you would like some role playing game the two of you may like to try, send me an Email.

Master Jay

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