Hazy memories  

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8/30/2006 1:27 pm

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Hazy memories

In this wild city i've had so many girls and women that i can't even remember most of them. On several occasions i've slept with women even without knowing their name. U know, the usual drill.. hey u sweety, babe and so on. The best is get a universal name, and call all of'em the same. They won't suspect a thing.

Well, that i decided to write one of those memories at a time, both to refresh my memory and enlighten you =)

There were good ones and really depressing ones. Which ruins your self esteem to the tiniest bits as a railway express does to a car parked on its way.

Let's start from oldest memories and move towards present.

Those were my icq days, new in town. I had this married woman. in her mid 40ies. (I dunno why, but i've thing for older women. there's just no substitute for the experience of years. can't deny that.) That time I was under strict control of gf, about 6 yrs ago. No mobile phone. So we first had a blind date on icq. Hoping that she'll be there and that place at that hour. My dating place was unde the clock tower in Times Square, causeway bay. It wasn't uncommon for me to wait sometimes 2 hrs for a girl. But most of them did show up. As i didn't have her picture, i was looking at every passerby =) Think of desperation! She knew I was a westerner, so her job was lot easier =). If she liked, she'd approach, if not, just pass by. Well, she did approach and I had about 1/4 sec to judge and the verdict was: Will do the job! Sweet taste of success. She said that except her husband no one went down on her and that was long time ago. She was hooked! Hard working and skilled woman. In those days I wasn't fucking. Was a holy virgin. Saved my first time for the wifey but that's another story. So wild 2 hours of lickin and suckin. Man, that was good! I don't remember her name and probably wouldn't recognize her if she passed by me on the street. So much for great days, or should i say hours? It all happened only daytime and i had window of 2-3 hrs. Such a rush! The fear of being caught made it all the sweeter. Did I ever get caught? U bet ur sweet ass! But that's another story too. I was hooked on adrenalin and that was the only first step. I knew i GOT to get a mobile phone. Imagine of oppotunites lying out there...
Who was next?
How many more I had till i get caught?
How, where, when, why did i get caught?
cool down ur jets kiddo, all in time.. let it sink first =)

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