Your favorite place?  

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7/8/2006 11:01 pm

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Your favorite place?

If someone asked you "What is your favoritie place?" your first thought is "with my man's cock."

Your are all woman, and proud of it.

When you look at the world around you, you know what's going on, but deep down its you and men. Men with cocks.

You imagine what they look like with their clothes off... just as men imagine women with their clothes off. Deep down we are all sexual creatures.

You have a man in your life. He has looks, eyes, personality, and physique.

You love him, but you love his cock more.

He's home now. You hear his car pull up.

You've been apart all day. You've thought of him while at work.

You've been waiting for this momment. He opens the door, greets you with a kiss, and gives you a firm hug.

He starts to say something, but you put your finger to your lips, motioning for quiet.

Then with a smile you kneel down, unbuckle his belt, unzip him, then reach around and pull down his pants.

You pause for a moment, noticing his strong legs, his flat stomach, but quickly focus on that bulge in his shorts.

You instinctively reach for it, stroking it, feeling it start to grow, as excitement stirs in you.

Again you reach around his waist, slide your fingers inside his shorts, and gently pull them down.

There it is. His cock. His balls. His manhood. What makes him a man.

Just the sight of it makes your heart beat faster, your gut tighten up, and your pussy moisten up.

Deep down, this is the best sight in the world. Male cock. Balls. Dark curly hair. Male manhood.

I'ts not about him anymore. It's about this big firm cock standing straight and tall in front of you.

The smooth head. The red ring of it's crown. The firm meaty shaft.

It stirs your deepest primal female urges. You are drawn to it like a magnet. You have to touch it, stroke it, caress it.

You wrap your hand around it, feeling it throb under your touch. With your other hand you reach between his legs and feel the softness of his balls.

This is life. This is woman, female. Hands full of male cock and balls. Deep down, this is your favorite place. Your playground.

You draw closer to it, rubbing it on your nose and cheeks, taking in his male scent.

You want to taste it, lick it, feel it on your lips, kiss it.

You close your eyes and spread your lips over the head, licking and sucking. Your hand instinctively begins a slow stroking motion while your other hand gently caresses his balls.

It feels warm and firm in your mouth. Your favorite treat.

You take it deeper in your mouth, running your tongue around the crown, and licking underneath.

You instinctively begin sliding your lips up and down on it, while your tongue licks and caresses it, and your hand strokes the shaft in unison.

You taste the precum and feel it swell, getting harder.

In the distance you hear him moan with pleasure, feel his hips gently sway, and the tension in his legs.

Feelings well up inside you. Another wave of pleasure sweeps over you as you suck, lick and stroke faster.

This big firm male cock is all yours now, and you want what's inside it.

He's groaning steadily now. "Baby, that feels great."

You think "Shut up, stop distracting me." It's not about him. It is this cock. Firm, hard, throbing in your mouth.

The final push for the payoff. Your grip tightens, stroking faster. Tongue concentrating now underneath the head, the sensitive spot. The male g-spot. This works every time.

Here it comes, the big final swelling, then warm creamy cum, spirting, gushing out of this pulsating cock. Drinking, swallowing, you want it all.

Three, four more pulses, then it stops as you squeeze the last drop out with your lips, and lick the head clean.

The hardness subsides as you watch it return to normal.

Yep, this is your playground, your favorite place. Your man's cock.

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