Looking or Laying?  

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8/26/2006 10:17 pm

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Looking or Laying?

The problem with sites like this is too many choices, and many women soon find themselves in that "I can't decide" dilemma.

Let's be truthful. Women, at least the attractive ones, pretty much call the shots on AdultFriendFinder. They are the decision-makers.

Problem is, many of them can't make a decision. They end up spending a lot of nights looking at men's profiles (and parts?) trying to find that "perfect" guy, instead of spending those nights with a man.

Here is a newsflash ladies: There is no perfect man... and no perfect woman. We all have flaws.

How long are you willing to miss out on good times with a good guy, while you seek that "perfect" guy... who does not exist?

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