Those Left Behind--------Part 4--The Leafdropper  

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Those Left Behind--------Part 4--The Leafdropper

It had been two years since the Leaf Dropper's repatriation. Normal routines of his village had returned.

As to the northern village. The Leaf Dropper had them grow tangled bushes and sproutlings of large trees circling the village many times over with three entry/exitways only a certain sect of the tribe was aware.

Whenever a party when out, those who wern't to have that knowledge were blindfolded until at least two miles clear of the village. Visitors were restricted and met three days journey from the village and while traveling were blindfolded also. The chief was told the "glass stones" had much value across the ocean and people wold kill to possess them.

Meanwhile the Leafdropper although young had learned the ways of the people across the ocean and would barter for his tribe. He did not barter the diamonds except between other african tribes.

The Northern tribe still had thoughts of their princess. Whenever her daughter visited it made them long for her even more.

The Leafdropper told them there might be a way to return her but it would be costly and dangerous.

He sent word to the traders in writing. The princess daughter,his wife,could read and write english. He spoke of the slaveowner,the seamtresss and the children in their fourth year with the mark of the leaf on their inner thigh.

The slave owner was contacted within three months time and was offered a price worthy of the value of the "commodities".
He visited the slave nursery and had them line up the four year olds. he had those with the mark of the leaf on their inner thigh step forward. Except for some slight resemblance to the women who bore then their resemblance to the Leafdropper was astounding. The sharp chin, cheekbones, piercing inquisitive eyes and the stance regal but unassuming. There were 24 males and 15 females. He had 19 males,10 females and the seamtress loaded in a large wagon and taken to the coast for shipment to Africa.

The Seamtress visited the nursery every day since her daughter left and singled out those children to sit near her. She would speak to them of her homeland and teach them the dialect. They reminded her of her very own grandson.

The vovage was smoothe, the children were well behaved and listened to the seamtress without question.

When they arrived in the village. They all knelt before the Leafdropper,his wife, and their grandparents. All were touched on their shoulders. Then they were taken to the large huts prepared for them.

The Leafdropper looked at the seamtress questionly. He had counted the children and knew 5 males and 5 females had not be returned.
The seamtress had overheard the master say he didn't think they would be missed besides they were fine specimens and he deserved to reap the profits from them either thru use on the farm(breeding) or thru sale.

The Northern tribe had been informed regarding the imminent return of their princess and a party had been sent out to secort her to their village. In the meantime she visited with her daughter and kept teaching the children.

It had now been twenty years since her capture.Before she left she had been betrothed to the Leafdropper's uncle. Since her daughter's return this uncle had acted like a father/advisor.

The uncle had sent notice to the nothern tribe to honor the betrothal. The northern tribe had agreed to honor the betrothal and to pay the dowry in diamonds.

Three months after her return the seamtress and the Leafdropper's uncle had their wedding feast and before another three months could pass she was expecting her second child. Neither minded about the teasing regarding having a baby in their 35th winter.

Don't worry, be Happy

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