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The birthday party was greatly anticipated by all. Amanda was going to be eleven years old. Even for a pubescent girl she enjoyed celebratory events with style.

To everyones surprise she wanted a fishing rod. She had mentioned it to her next door neighbor Lionel,a 12 year old who openly admired, Amanda, her remarkable talents in his quiet manner.

Lionel had the perfect gift. he presented her with an imported fishing pole he had acquired.When they went fishing Lionel kept casting while Amanda watched and pondered "I should be fishing too, he's selfish". Lionel didn't mean to offend Amanda. He was only demonstrating his fishing skills.

Amanda resented the misdirected gift. It was set aside.

Now the fishing pole, an inanimate object, long since cut from a rooted tree had no precise notion because it had been slain years prior. It had almost felt resurrected, like a sapling again

It's exciting, the sun glimmering across the waves, the swoosh of the line----the baited worm as it sinks into the rippled current. What invigoration. The sway of the pole as the target approaches. What majesty of oneness.

Don't worry, be Happy

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this blog was self censored,feel it can be displayed without harm and humor(my dry)can be found

Don't worry, be Happy

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