SLAVERY---------my Post #50  

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SLAVERY---------my Post #50

Going back thru time, what if I had been born into slavery what would my life been like? Living in a cabin on a plantation, working from dawn to dust, not being able to make any decisions on my own.

I can see me now, carrying a basket of laundry down a dusty road with a scrub board and large bars of homemade soap, my hands are rough and worn for my young age(hey, this is my story). The creek of clear water running from a nearby stream is cool as the summer sun beats down across my back.

Ok, lets throw some steamy sex into it: I Will give 2 scenarios-(hey that's my handle)

Scenario #1------Driving up the road is Roddy, a freedman-who has more than an interest---he has his own wagon with goods, he sharpens knives, rehoofs horses, repairs wagons-he can just about do anything required, He stands about 6' tall, milk chocolate complexion, and his muscles ripple tautly from his daily work activities. He pulls his wagon over and ties his horse to a nearby tree. He tips his hat and he strides closer to the creek. "Hidy do Miss Lammy, nice weather today, isn't it".
I turn and glance at Roddy, "Why Mr. Roddy, It sure is a nice day" I say with a smile.We haven't spoken in quite awhile since he mainly stayed in town most of the winter months and this area was on the second half of his yearly rounds once spring broke.

Lammy he says," I have more than an interest in you as I told you in the Fall and I've been saving to buy your freedom".
He looks deeply into my eyes to find something to hold onto. I pause scrubbing the laundry, knowing my reply could change my life forever.
"What will our life be like?", he puts his hand on his chin, "well it won't be easy but we'll have a warm fire in the winter and enough food for the kettle and you'll never have to be barefoot iffin you don't want to be".

I stand and touch his cheek, then run my hand ever so slightly across the area of his chest exposed thru his shirt. He pulls me into his arms half tenderly then roughly/possessively, I feel his need pressing against me, my nerve endings go on fire, my need for him is tremendous, yet I draw back---"Buy my freedom, then we can have a life together, but here today I won't birth no baby in chains".

Scenario #2------Riding his spotted palomino, Young Master Dexter is returning from his classes up north-He sees Lammy by the creek-he remembers all the childhood games he,his sister and Lammy use to play. "Hey Lammy you sure have grown a piece since I saw you last". Lammy looks over excitedly at her former childhood friend but the years have taught her the unequality of their stations in life. "Master Dexter, welcome home, the family will be so happy to see you".
"Master Dexter? Hey Lammy, its me Dex, don't you remember me?".I smile," Yes Master Dexter, I remember you and our childish play but we're now grown folks, both 20 years old, you, since your Father's death this past winter,are the master of this plantation and I am just one of your slaves". He pauses and allows his horse to graze,
" Lammy just what are your duties now?".A short time ago I had returned with his sister from boarding school, I assisted her in her daily activities preparing her clothing,hair grooming, and carrying her books to class.
Master Dexter's mother, the kind mistress ,had assigned me to assist with the laundry.
Lammy he says, "You may be getting a new job, either as one of the upstairs maids or my sister's dressing maid again. What do you think about that?"I replied," either jobs are good ones here and I can't complain about either one-as long as....".

"As long as what Lammy?". Now Master Dexter is tall, quite handsome, and of course all the families around will be presenting their "belles" in hopes of him chosing one of them to wife.

"Well Dexxy(she takes liberty)you know very well the Furguesons are kin to me-my own moma use to meet the young Master near this very creek, yet I'm a slave, but my children won't be!!".

well maybe not so steamy-will leave breathless panting,tantalizing touching,and earthshaking kissing to another post.

Don't worry, be Happy

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Nice post Free...

Congrats on #50

free2chose2 replies on 6/8/2006 12:07 pm:
thanks Cor,didn't think I'd still beHANGIN' OUT

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