Retribution---------The Leafdropper part 5  

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Retribution---------The Leafdropper part 5

It had now been three years since the return of the princess and most of the offspring borne across the ocean.

The Leafdropper thought of those offspring frequently as he went about his daily chores.
A bargain had been struck and the slaveowner had not honored it.

His ability to obtain the "glass stones" was known thru out the continent. It was also well known the secrecy of the mines from which they came. He was always an honest trader and abided by any agreement.

He thru many contacts was able to get messages to the old slave who had befriended him upon his purchase by the slavewowner. Many comforts were made available to the elderly man for looking after and teaching the ones left behind the dialect and customs of his homeland.

He struck a deal with a pirate ship for a treasure of diamonds. He boarded their ship and roamed about in the high seas with ease.
Two days before docking on dry land he secluded himself in his cabin.

He led a party of a few pirates and men from his village. The old man met him in a clearing with eleven children, his ten and the slaveowner's son. The old slave declined thhe invitation to return with them, saying his days wern't long and the ship would bring back old nightmares.

They were out to sea before the slaveowner's son was thought missing.

A large diamond was left on his windowsill.

The slaveowner's son was not frightened. It was an adventure to him. He and this group of children were all born within a year's time. They had always been his constant playmates.
He even knew the "secret" language they spoke.

When they arrived at the village they knelt before their family. The slaveowner's son knelt before the Leafdropper's woman, his half-sister.
She put both of her hands on his shoulders and said "welcome brother".

Another three years passed by quickly. The slaveowner's son rarely thought of his parents and younger sister. His days were filled with activities and new learning experiences.

A message came to the Leafdropper that a slaveowner had described him and the situation and had sailed to Africa to barter.

One morning he woke his young white brother-in-law and told him they were going on a journey and to go bid his sister farewell.

The slaveowner had been told the meeting place.
He was standing near some bush. He turned his head and then turned back again and there stood his son. He grabbed to hug him, his son said"Father I'm pleased to see you but I'm going into manhood training, you must contain your affections". The father motioned him to follow him, leaving the diamond left at the windowsill in the path.

Don't worry, be Happy

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8/30/2006 11:25 am

I really like this story. Do you suppose that any of that could have happened? Would it ever have been possible for a runaway slave to buy back his children, etc? It's such a shame that so many records were not kept or have been desroyed.
Please do continue.


free2chose2 replies on 8/30/2006 4:26 pm:
sexxi, hi, there are records of slaves buying their freedom then working and buying family members

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8/31/2006 2:59 am

Ok, more please, more!

free2chose2 replies on 9/4/2006 6:31 am:
shylena, I'm fizzled out..

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