Resurrection Day  

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4/16/2006 5:11 am
Resurrection Day

Happy Easter to all, I just put in my 3rd load of laundry. Now at a relative's for computer access. Yesterday I went to bed at 4pm, woke up at 11pm,3am,4:30am-got up approx 6am-took my bubble bath, had my coffee and here I am. My Mom is in rehab so card and flowers for a visit later. A coworker invited me to attend church services to watch her daughters perform angelic dances at the 7:30am or 11am services, well early service is out-I'm here.

I recently had lunch with a very nice man, we talked a long period of time and I found myself able to share. At lunch we made plans for a date the next day(yesterday)but that due to cell phone woes(which I have also)didn't occur. He walked me to my car. We had a light kiss and off I went to visit my mom-he called me as I drove away telling me how much he enjoyed meeting me. Meeting him was a plus for the week.

Don't worry, be Happy

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