Behind Closed Doors  

free2chose2 67F
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6/2/2006 5:20 pm
Behind Closed Doors

I was going to attempt a dialogue about the Truth or Consequences Game and the one we play here also as far as selection of our emails, responding to them and pairing with that certain someone that seems to "click".

When that relationship goes awry for whatever reason, you wonder if you made the right choice at first

Even now, as the emails pour in(maybe trickle), it comes to mind. Is this the one who meets my specification and I his-and not for one hot roll in the sack but on many levels-or should I just go with the flow, live for the moment-forget about my tommorows(which are numbering down by the nano second)

Then again, what do I want to gain, besides great sex, which is a given expectation.A good friend, excellent card player,someone who appreciates if not participates in the arts, an articulate spokesman???????????????????

Don't worry, be Happy

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