Angry Sex is GOOD!!  

freakyhippiegirl 36F
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5/5/2006 11:34 pm

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5/6/2006 12:04 pm

Angry Sex is GOOD!!

Wow!! Well, we put the baby to bed early and I got to release my frustration, let me go into more detail:

I wanted to get really wet before I began fucking my husband, so I sat down at the computer and began reading sex stories from online. While I was reading about a fantasy (I like to read about them, but I rarely am into role playing them), I fingered myself until I was soaked with my juices. I called my husband over to get a taste and he buried his tongue into my hot, dripping hole. After coating his tongue in my juices, he moved up to my clit and sucked and licked me until I began to orgasm. He then rammed his tongue into me, fucking me with his tongue as I shivered and moaned with pleasure. After I stopped quaking, I pushed him onto the floor, where I proceeded to take his soft cock into my mouth. I love feeling a soft cock in my mouth grow to a powerful erection. I licked and slurped his cock until he was rock hard. My pussy was dribbling my juices down my leg, as I continued to suck and stroke his cock.

When I felt that he was good and ready for fucking, I climbed above his hard cock and slammed my wet pussy down on it. He slid all the way in with one thrust. I then pulled him all the way out and slammed myself down on him again. With every hard thrust I made, my muscles got so excited they clenched around his cock, making him moan with pleasure. I spun around on his cock, so my ass was pointing at his face. He grabbed ahold of my hips and started fucking me back. I was already getting close to another orgasm, as we fucked, and then he slapped my ass. I came as soon as his hand left my ass, and as I was cumming, he slapped my ass a few more times just to make me cum harder.

Then he told me, he really wanted to fuck me good, so we went back to the bedroom. As I got on the bed, he flipped me on my stomach, and pulled my ass into the air. He rammed into me so hard, I gasp with pleasure. He then wrapped his arms around my shoulders, and pulled me into every hard thrust he made. I love the fact my husband has such high endurance during sex. He kept a hard, fast pace for a least 30 minutes, while I had orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm. He told me we still weren't finished, and flipped me over to my back. In the process of flipping, pillows went flying, and the lamp on the nightstand fell and broke (In angry sex, something always gets broken). He grabbed my legs and pulled my wet, searing cunt back onto his dick. He continuously fucked me to more, and more intense orgasms. I was grabbing at his hair, and scratching his back, as he propelled me into ecstasy.

Then having very little strength left, my husband thrusts into me pumping his hot load of cum into my belly. The warm pressure of his load, fills me until it begins to leak out around him. He collapses onto me and asks if I had fun. I giggle a yes, and his now soft cock pops out of me, followed by a stream of cum. He rolls over onto his back, and I take this opportunity to clean up the mess on his cock. The mixture of his cum and mine together swirls inside my mouth, before I swallow.

So, I kiss my husband good night, tell him he should really fall asleep, because we had been fucking for nearly three and a half hours, and he has work in the morning. He agreed and rolled over to fall asleep.

Angry sex has really calmed me down now, and I probably won't need it for at least a few more days. I just wonder what we are going to break next time? I hope everyone enjoyed hearing about my angry sex. Leave your comments or stories about angry sex, I would love to hear them.

imfeelinghorny4 32F
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5/6/2006 12:26 am

oo dayum baby i wuddnt mind puttin my mouth on dose titis of urs yahbaby call meeh


5/6/2006 7:57 am

DAYUM !!! Great stuff!! Sounds like you both got what you needed!! And it reminds me of the stories I used to read in penthouse magazine. I was sporting \8 fully loaded!! Thanks for sharing !!

Play hard, play safe and play often!!!{=}

alexand1964 53M

5/6/2006 9:16 am

Sounds fun and exhausting at the same time. Sure hubby woke up drained but with big smile on his face this morning. Would love to have the chance to go for three hours. Hope to read about more of your adventures.

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