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1/24/2006 11:11 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

ass licking good

So I've had people try and lick my ass before. It's never felt that good. I've done all kinds of ass play before but never really liked being on the recieving end of stuff...but last night was different.

The farther along I get in my transitioning process the less I like my cunt played with. My lil dick sure but the actually fucking and stuff i don't really like. I much prefer to do the fucking. So, me and my partner have had to find some other ways of having fun. We did start the evening off with her fucking me with a strap-on in my cunt. But Like I said i'm not really into that so much lately (although things change).

Well I'm laying there jerking off my lil cock when she started touching me all over and grabbing my ass. She kind of tilted me on my side and then started to lick my ass cheeks a little. It was cool. it felt nice. She's gotten a little bit inside of them before but never really licked my ass hole.

So i'm jerking off my dick when she asks me to get on my back. She puts my legs over her shoulders and starts to lick my ass cheeks again. Next thing I know, she slowly starts to lick my ass hole. Then, as I jerk my cock she begins to fuck me with her tongue. It felt so fucking good that I fucking came so hard. It was great!

She didn't get anything done to her. She's being a good little girl and waiting until i decide that i want to fuck her. She isn't even allowed to masturbate. So far she's gone 3 days. I just had one of my testosterone shots so i'm gonna be really fucking horny in a day or two...hee hee She's gonna get fucked really good soon.

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