Another shitty day....  

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7/21/2005 10:03 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Another shitty day....

B.p. is shuch a sh*t that he wouldn't even confront me, he had to go through the manager, and he's past his teen years.

So everyone, if you like to drink, has woken up and remembered they had work, right? and what do you do in this situation? throw on the closest thing and shoot out the door. Well, I'm a drunk and this happens to me alot, even with the advent of deoderents you can't get some smells out, like cigarette/cigar smoke. I'm used to living somewhere where smoke is a pleasent smell as opposed to open sewers or huge production plants that belch filth into the sky. Compared to cigarette smoke that reads a 25 on the funk-o-meter.

Back to the point. He had to tell the manager that I smelt like smoke more then once, and on top of that some customers complained... about a smoker!! I'm in the stage of quitting, give me a break, I like a smoke every now and then. SO I got written up by captin ass-lance for smelling like smoke... Isn't that some B.s.?!!

Only in F*CKING Boulder CO would something that trivial come up. I'd like to see them live up in greely where it smells like cows all the time...

People = sh*t

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