my first in awhile  

freakaleek6920 33F
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8/29/2006 6:26 pm
my first in awhile

Not to long ago I met this couple from here and they were nice and took things slow since it was my first time with a woman in about 2 almost 3 years but anyways they went and got a room had we some drinks and then the fun started from there she has a nice body(big ass big titties ohhhhh weeee!!!)He also has a nice body with a nice big dick but anyways me and here started while he watched then he joined all I wanna say was that there was alot of licking sucking and fucking ....Then I met another couple off of here and she was very thick big big ass and titties he was tall dark and handsome wiht a very big dick and we did the samething only freakier there was hand cuffing whipped cream and oil and liqaur getting pouring in places that the bottle doesn't say to pour it and she really turned me out and did things I didn't know a woman was capable of doing for a minute or two I thought she was a man lol .....then I met a man from here and DAMN...DAMN....DAMN that is all I can say about him he ate the pussy good and fuck me great DAMN His dick is about 10 or 11 inches long and DAMN he tried to put it all in me he had me climbing up the walls I couldn't son much but just almost cry DAMN the dick was GREAT ya'll women really need to try him NO I take that back I want all of that to myself........and then there was the group of people from BSF(blacksexfinder) there was a man and two women and DAMN they really put it on me to the point I really can't remember it all (no I take that back I can remember but do do so would make me very horny) he had a big dick and all of the women pussy's got so wet i thought I was going to drown but Iloved every moment of it but like I said these pst 2 months have been the best and I can't wait to do it again maybe all of them can get together and we can have a big ass orgy and just fuck all night I will keep ya'll posted

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