Mother Nature  

frbnkslady 49F
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11/24/2005 11:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Mother Nature

I know I will get shit for this posting, but it is MY thoughts... I am deeply sorry to you who I offend with my writtings. But I will NOT apologize for how I feel.

I was enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with my family tonight and watching the news. And what a surprise, they showed New Orleans again.
My deepest sympathy goes to those who lost their life and their homes.
BUT, you all had warnings to LEAVE the area. I would like to here stories about the ones who are struggling to survive after a tornado that just appeared... who had NO warning to get to safety. Whos lifes were also destroyed. Who livelyhood was taken. Peeps who live in the flood plains. Avalanche prone areas. It is all Mother Nature at her worst..
Countries who have no FEMA to help them. And peeps here are whinning...
Peeps choose to live where they live. You should know the weather in your area. The history.
I do not recall survivors of Andrew complaining this much. I hear nothing from the tornado families, saying we OWE them... I don't owe you anything but my sympathy and wishes for a recovery.

Rebuild stronger. Rebuild better. Rebuild SAFER.
Or move to another place. Make a new history for you and yours, but never forget where you came from or went through.


frbnkslady 49F
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12/17/2005 1:12 pm

I can understand getting with the program.... Peeps have been yelling at tme that a lot of them had no way out... they were offered bus rides out of the city WEEKS before it hit,.... and not many took it... My Aunt lives in Myrtle Beach, she goes through this all the time.. but she also leaves the city when they tell her too...DUHHHH... T


longergirthy4u 53M
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12/5/2005 5:01 pm

I live in hurricane alley. You either get with the program or get the F*** out! 90% of the locals here are survivors of several big storms. We have our emergency rations,water,gas,generators,spare parts,radios,batteries,whatever is needed! I have been to the big sleazy countless times in my life, and always wondered why 17feet below sea level? Why is over half of the inner cities inhabitants on welfare and living off of the system? They do not lack for money! They have high end SUV's and expensive belongings, yet live in a dump of a neighborhood , in a dump of a city,and are playing the system by living off of it! I only feel sadness and loss for the children and the elderly! Call me a cold bastard, it doesnt bother me. Oh yeah, T as usual you are correct, forewarned shoulda left! the free buses were there! Bill...

frbnkslady 49F
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11/26/2005 1:59 pm

I know... I was called a thoughtless bitch a few weeks ago over it.. I told her if I was thoughtless I wouldn't have worried about any of them at all...T


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11/26/2005 6:02 am

I"ve been saying that and people think i"m an asshole

frbnkslady 49F
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11/25/2005 11:02 pm

LOL... I am glad of these responses... I say anything outside of this spere.. and I get loads of T


1devlin11 49M
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11/25/2005 10:49 pm

Those peeps in N.O. were multi generational dependents. By that I mean they have been dependent on the system for at least 3 generations. This hurricane may have actually been a blessing in disguise. 300,000 welfare recipients may actually ahve a reason to get off the system.

I have dozens of emails if you want them. My cirle of forwarders are almost 100% with you on this one. Including me.

rm_titsandtires 53M/43F
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11/25/2005 10:13 pm

Sorry T. I'm not gonna give you any shit over it either. But I would like to add a thing or two.

1. One of the reasons so many were stuck there and didn't leave is because of the fact that they had no means. A large majority of those residents who became victims were on welfare, and those welfare checks were to arrive three days after the hurricane. They had no money to put gas in the car and go. It was the worst possible timing for such an event to happen. My feeling on that - If you're going to live in a situation where you're that dependant on welfare and live that strapped from check day to check day, do it in a city that isn't below sea level.

2. Ancient chinese proverb; fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. Why are we (quite literally) throwing money in a whole?


frbnkslady 49F
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11/25/2005 2:06 pm

LOL, thank you... just am tired to hear it... there are lots of other natural disasters that have not gotten this much attention or flack... T


MisterPriapus 58M
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11/25/2005 10:04 am

My Fair (banks) Lady~

(Passes over a 50 pound sack of composted manure)

Since you are so obviously expecting to catch some fecal flak over your Post, I’m thoughtfully sending some pre-packaged, pathogenically inert shit your way. I’d hate to see you disappointed that your expectations didn’t bear fruit. Adding this to your garden should ensure some fruits next growing season…

Now that I’ve given you shit over your Post, let me soften the blow by saying that there wasn’t anything there that I disagreed with.

Frankly, Natural Selection would’ve been better served if FEMA had stayed out of it, entirely…



Been a while since they last let me out into polite society. Resurfacing, catching a breath, & catching up.

And while I got my Broad-Brimmed Pimping Hat on, could I cajole all of y'all to Comment on, Alone In A Cloud? It's probably the best thing that I've written!



frbnkslady 49F
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11/25/2005 12:27 am

Thank you.. and I am sure this will get a few who will tear me up... T


rm_kinkyone40 53M
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11/25/2005 12:11 am

I agree whole heartedly

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