Kenai Pennisula  

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7/9/2006 10:30 am
Kenai Pennisula

This is where I took my vacation. This is the the area that made me truley fall in love with Alaska.
I vacationed here 4 yrs ago before I moved here. I still lived in upstate NY at that time. We stayed here for a week discovering the area, then up to Anchorage, onto Denali for a few days, then on to Fairbanks to see my son and dad for a week or so.
We left on 6-30, my GF and her hubby and I. We got into Anchorage late that night, stayed over and left next morning for the Penn..
I had no chance to meet anyone that I had planned on there
We took our time driving down to Cooper Landing as it was a gorgeous day, and traffic was just starting to build up.
We found our campsite,got set up, and drove around to rediscover a few places. Gwins is an awesome place, I had stayed there previously, but we were tent camping this time. They are a place that you can ask and get whatever it is you want to do. Fishing, rafting, hikes, horseback riding. Whatever...We bought our firewood there..
We Drove into Soldotna and picked up our dip netting permitts and investigated a few shops on way out of town, one being a chainsaw artist. Very cool things.
We got up early Sunday, drove into Seward. It looked like it was going to be a grey clouded over day, and it was for the main part. We had made reservations the night before to take a Fjords tour, but first, visited the Seward Sea Life Center. It is a close up and personal look at life in the area and the bay. The animals you will find. They have whale skulls, touch and learn area... very nice. Underwater viewing tanks too.
We get to the right tour for our cruise and proceed out into the Fjords. We were served our dinners.
I recommend this tour for anyone... It is just awesome. Yes, I am one of the dorks who cry watching the whales. They are to me, just SO BEAUTIFUL. So huge, majestic, spirited, free and curious. We only say a few sleeping Humpback whales. But that was okay to me too.
We did see a colony of Puffins, the small ones.. They were so damn tiny.. and a colony of Artic Terns, small bird also.
We were able to see some rest Sea Lions, phewww. Also a nesting pr of Eagles. I was unable to get a clear pic of them. All I was able to get was a cpl of white spots. Looks like snowballs in the trees.
We were out on the water about 4-5 hrs. The sun had started to shine on the way back into port,
On the way out of town we seen a young bull moose feeding in a small lake and got out of truck to snap a few, then the train came along and scared him off. we got back to camp and relaxed. We were going to go rafting, but her hubby didn't want to go. Not sure why. We plan on going to go down in Denali later on this summer and going then.
Monday we got up lazily and made breakfast of pancakes and sausage...awesome over a fire.
Packed up our gear for fishing and were off.
We got into Kasilof and knew not were where to go. We stopped at few places and received all contridictory directions and by this time it was 4 pm or so. Lots of driving, turning around. Hopefully the next time any of us go down there we will be able to find where we have to go to fish. It is a gorgeous area though.
We got back to camp and reorganized, and pre=packed the truck. Got up Tuesday morning, broke down camp and headed home by 7:30am. It is a 10-12 hr drive.
We stopped on the way home and got some awesome pics at a roadside waterfall. These we before Girdwood.
I am sooooooooooo readyy to go back to that area. I would move there, but I don't see any jobs but seasonal there. I could handle having a B&B there though. Right on the Kenai or Russian Rivers. It would have to be in Cooper Landing though. Place is just AWESOME. T


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