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2/3/2006 5:07 pm

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I am posting my profile here for standard members who dont have the option of viewing can read it.....

I can be a total kitten or an evil nightmare is up to you which side you see....

5'4 great ass, sexy lips and eyes. I enjoy pleasure and all things sensual. I am looking for a homie lover friend, not a one night stand. If you can arrange to see me at least twice a week, save yourself some time, don't respond. I'm cool people and enjoy going to movies, dinner, dancing and of course, the obvious. If this sounds cool to you, keep reading, if not, have a good one. Now these things go hand and hand, I would like to have more than a sexual relationship. If we can't have anything in common once our clothes are on, then we probably wouldn't make the best bedroom companions.
I have discovered that many men on this site aren't sure how to handle a self actualized woman. The key is to realize that a self actualized woman doesn't require handling, leave her to be her, don't try to bend her to your will and it will be a beautiful thing....

UPDATE: Seriously tired of all the fake ass men I have been meeting on AdultFriendFinder who have no idea how to treat a lady. I dont take kindly to being disrespected, talked to or treated like a whore. Don't expect me to lay idly by while you disrespect me in email, chat or person. You will feel my wrath, and oh, does it sting, and not in the good way. I can be a total kitten or an evil nightmare bitch, which side you see if all up to you...

If the convo is cool then we can move on to the next phase. I know this is a sex site, but I am not microwave pussy, so don't approach me and expect me to just spread em wide all quick like. I must be mentally stimulated before becoming physically stimulated. If your looking for a quick bang, I'm not your girl. If you can handle this, please feel free to contact me.

If you send an email, please include a pic, no pic, no response, sorry. I don't fuck fugly mens and don't want to waste anyone's time. I also would prefer it if you all didn't send me any cock shots unless requested. If you are married, looking to screw around on your wife or girl, don't even bother. If I sound a little hard assed, it because I am tired of shifting through the slimy people here making it harder for the gentlemen that really are sincere in their quest.

My Ideal Person:
Looking for someone for fun or something more, clean living individual. Must be single and understanding of my sexual demands. I require quite a bit of attention and need someone who can handle that. While I am very demanding in the bedroom, I give back what I receive with zeal.

I would prefer someone that understands that even though I am registered on a sex site, I am still, first and foremost, a lady. I expect to be approached and treated as such. I demand a certain level of respect and if you are unsure if your message is disrespectful, if your opening liner is "Let's Fuck." I'm probably going to hit the delete and block buttons.

Persons that are under 22 but over 34, call me an shallow, but those are the breaks.

Bisexual females or lesbians, not interested although I love lesbians, keep the competition low. I am truly flattered by your interest, it takes someone pretty adorable to attract men and women. I do have a few homegirls you all can meet though LOL.

Married men, if you are married and you are on this site looking for ass with out your wife's knowledge or permission, you are a sick bastard and I hope you get an STI while fucking around on your wife and your dick falls off.

Couples, I'm not at that level yet, while I appreciate the interest, I won't respond to any couple inquiries.

Favorite television shows:
Coupling, Alias
Favorite movies:
Labrynth, Harlem Nights, Italian Job

Favorite musicians or bands:
sade, tribe called quest, anita baker, leaders of the new skool

What location do you fantasize about for a sexual encounter?:
Under a waterfall

What toys do you enjoy using during sex play?:
Clit stimulators (battery operated), Dildos/Vibrators, Vibrating eggs or bullets

rm_clkbenz 31M
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6/18/2006 5:48 pm

u sound like my kinda chic

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