Finger Lickin' Good  

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5/31/2006 8:18 pm
Finger Lickin' Good

I believe it is a 'guy thing', but I love to watch. And something wonderful to watch is my beautiful and sexy wife as she pleases herself. I could watch that every day and never tire of it.

She's tried a variety of toys, but her absolute favorite is her vibrating egg, now known simply as "Her Toy". I've had to get a large supply of extra strength batteries so we don't have to worry about 'running out of juice'!

She sometimes starts with her fingers, gently massaging her clit to get the juices flowing. Once wet, she'll get Her Toy. She keeps it on low speed, moving it over and around her clit. Her breath gets a little deeper as she softly moans with pleasure. I hear the soft sound of the Toy between her deep breaths. The rest of her body is still as her excitement builds inside.

But that's only the start. Her clit gets pink and hard as her pussy gets juicier. Soon there's a little motion in her pelvis. Her breath is deeper, and the moans are punctuated by gasps of pleasure as she cums.

She lays on her side, propped up on one elbow, her legs spread wide open. I reach into her top and finger her rock hard nipples. That gives her an orgasm instantaneously.

She turns up the speed and goes into a frenzy of orgasms. The Toy hums loudly as she rolls over on her back and cums over and over. Her body twitches in pleasure, one hand rubbing the egg on her hot clit as the other spins the speed dial up and down.

She cums loudly, quivering more with each one, then quickly dials it back to low. Now her legs close around her hand, her thighs rubbing together, her breath slows as she relaxes in the glow.

She dials it up, and her legs open wide as her pelvis rocks and her body twitches. Her moans and gasps are hotter, louder. Her orgasms are hotter and faster, her pussy so juicy you can her it splash on the Toy.

Down again goes the speed, and she lies back enjoying the little "o's" of the slow speed. Her breathing is also normal as she lies still. But inside she keeps cumming until it is too much to resist, and the speed dial spins again.

She sighs and moans each time she cums, and they start to come closer together. Watching and listening is not enough ... I fill each hand with a breast, fingering the hard nipples. I kiss her deeply, our tongues swirling wildly in our mouths. Her back arches as she cums, legs closing in on her hand, body writhing in pleasure.

She has reached a plateau, and turns off Her Toy and lies back, basking in the afterglow. Just a short break she says.

Break over, and she gets the controller in one hand and applies the egg with the other. Slow at first, she cums softly. Just a little faster, and she cums again. Her moans sound sweet with each orgasm. Full speed, she drops the controller and uses one hand on a breast and the other on her pussy. I'm cummimg she moans, and then it happens - the Big One hits home as she grunts and gasps and moans all at once. One long huge orgasm wracks her body as it curls tightly into a ball.

How was it, my love I asked. Her simple reply - I need to get laid. My hard-on is ready to oblige. She rolls over on all fours and spreads her legs ... ready to get laid. She lowers her face to the pillows as I slowly slip my dick into her pussy. Hot, juicy, inviting ... my dick slides all the way in. She moans with a small "o" as I slide it deep like she likes it. Her body starts rocking instantly going up and down my shaft. I feel the energy from her pussy go into my dick. Now I'm clutching her soft bottom in my hands rocking my pelvis into hers, my dick going deeper with each stroke.

It doesn't take long for me to abandon myself to the throes of passion. Fast and deep goes my dick in her hot juicy pussy. The energy flows through my body and into my dick. I hear her moans of delight as I cum myself. It is an orgasm that is 'indescribably delicious'.

Post Script ... although my fingers weren't as fast as hers, most of this was written as it happened. A wonderful way to end a Wednesday.

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