Down Fantasy Lane  

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5/24/2006 9:52 pm

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Down Fantasy Lane

We're here in bed again ... and I asked my inspiration what I should write. We've been discussing some fantasies lately, so naturally she suggested a story of fanciful flight. So here goes ....

It's a weekend trip with another couple to somewhere. A chance to get away from the house and its dull responsibilities. We've had an enjoyable day seeing sights, visiting curio shops, and generally enjoying a late spring day. Then its back to the hotel to change for dinner. The adjoining rooms are nice, and we have the doors open so we can visit.
My luscious bride has taken her shower, so now its my turn. I stepped out of the bathroom and hear something ... intriguing. I look around and realize the sound is from the adjoining room.

I slowly and carefully peek around the corner. On the king bed is my wife, lying on her back, legs spread wide open. Between those legs is the other wife ... nibbling on my wife's pussy. Her hands cup my wife's breasts, the hard nipples quite visible. My manhood is aroused as I watch secretly from around the corner. My wife's moans of pleasure excite me more ... my hand is soon filled with my hard-on. I watch the two women as they slide their hands across each other's supple skin. So much flesh ... so much beauty ... I can't resist and must watch more as I stroke myself. Soon they have traded places ... now my wife works her magic tongue on the other's pussy. Her pleasure moans get me even hotter. Two luscious, very hot and horny women a few feet away ... a private show I can't believe I'm seeing.

I hear a door open but the women never notice and continue with their pleasure. Around the corner I see the other husband walk from the bathroom. He stops in his tracks when he catches sight of the women entwined on the bed. I see his dick start to get hard as he steps over to the bed, and kneels next to the lovely ladies. He runs his hands over their bodies, and tongues whatever he can reach. Their sighs and moans intermingled with the sounds of wet kisses and juicy pussies.

My private show just gets better and better as they take turns giving and receiving head. I have wonderful views of the soft curves of the women's bottoms and their luscious breasts. My hand remains full of my hard-on, now oozing with my juices.

His hard-on glistens with their saliva as they both tongue its shaft and run their hands over his balls and backside. His moans become louder when my wife uses her talented hands to stroke him the the edge of cumming. He rises and takes charge of the hot horny wives. He has them lie side by side on the king bed, and carefully mounts his wife. Her body wraps around his waist as he brings her to orgasm. Then he moves to my wife, her eyes bright with her passion. Her back arches as he enters, and I hear the sounds I usually give her ... she cums on almost every stroke.
He moves off the bed, standing there with his hand full of hard-on. The women roll over on all fours and take turns licking his dick.

My hand keeps pace with his as I watch. A few more strokes and his body shivers, his cum spraying in their faces. I feel the energy in my dick explode as his last few drops come out, and I cum in my hand.

A perfect ending to a very private show.

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