An Afternoon On The Road  

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5/13/2006 6:18 pm

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An Afternoon On The Road

A few of my favorite times involve road trips, the exciting combination of autos, speed and sex. Here's a memorable afternoon drive.
We were coming home from a trip to Florida. It was just the two of us, and we used a motor home to make the journey easier. It was a sunny afternoon and traffic was moving nicely along the interstate. Our discussion turned towards sex, and she became horny enough to play with herself in the seat next to me. I enjoyed driving while listening to her moans.
Suddnely she got up and went to the back. She pulled down the shades and stripped off her clothes. She then sat down on the couch on the passenger side, sitting at an angle with her legs spread wide. I had the full view of her lucious body in the rear view mirror. And as the careful driver I am, I kept one eye on that mirror at all times!
She fondled her full busom, lifting each breast and tonguing the nipple til it was hard. She'd squeeze them together ... pointing those nipples right at me. She'd slide her hands down her body to her pussy. Already wet from her earlier fun, she would slide her fingers in and out with a gentle moan on each stroke. She'd hold it wide open and call my name ... just to make sure I looked. She was a horny tease that day.
I kept the RV in the right lane and tried hard to pay attention to traffic. My dick was stiffening, but had no room to grow. I opened my jeans so it could grow straight ... and hard. I fondled myself while checking the mirror ... her fingers were furiously stroking her hot pink clit. Her orgasms were coming faster ... and louder. She'd ask me to come back and feel her pussy ... as we cruised along at 65. I kept us on the pavement and moving with traffic but lost track of everything else ... except the lucious blonde bombshell in the mirror.
I did mange to notice the sign for the rest area just ahead. My blonde tease called on me to pull over, so I did. We parked down towards the end. An afternoon thunderstorm was just passing by, and the sky turned dark as the rain came down. As I stood and stepped to the back my pants dropped to the floor. I had stripped them and my shirt off in the few steps it took me to reach her. She fingered her breasts and pussy again and said "I want to get fucked". My hard-on was ready to oblige. I got down on my knees between her legs and felt her pussy ... it was hot and very juicy. she moaned as I rubbed her pussy and fingered her clit.
I was ready ... the rain was slacking back as traffic continued to move around us. I moistened my dick in her juices and then slid it in all the way. She wrapped her legs and arms around me as I slid it in and out. I nibbled on her neck and ear as she moaned with pleasure. Soon I was going as fast and as deep as I could. She cried out with each deeper stroke. the electricity in my groin came on hot and fast ... I groaned as I shot my cum deep into her pussy.
We stayed that way for a while, holding each other close, kissing, touching.
When we got up, I noticed the rain was gone and the bright Florida sun was drying things quickly.
And then it hit me ... in my haste to join my hot and horny wife I had left the front curtains open! Anyone who had walked past our windshield would have gotten an eyeful ... my naked backside with my wife's legs wrapped around my waist!
I'm sure they enjoyed it as much as we did.

theVacs 66M/65F  
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5/17/2006 3:59 pm

Wow I wish I had been there to provide the third wheel that RV needed. Maybe next time? I'm looking forward to June. P

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