Not sure where I'm going  

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5/20/2006 9:42 am

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Not sure where I'm going

This whole "Aduldfriendfinder" thing has become an experience beyond my intentions - and pleasantly so. At first i was lonely - but, for what? I get laid when I want to be - have friends when I seek them.
I think I was looking for someone who just wanted to have sex w/o all the strings - someone like me. Thank you for the compliments - you're sweet - no I do not want to get married - thanks anyway.
But as I started to expand and explore I found that there are people out there who can be quite intellectual - a surprise to me on a site I ventured into strictly SEEKING SEXUAL SATISFACTION. So I havve read - learned - had my butt spanked - and moved on. NICE
Why are my neighbors not like this? Is it me - or do I perceive a level of intellectual downfall among the masses?
I would have to say it is not them at all - but me. Perhaps I'm not listening, perhaps I don't take the the time to read between the lines. Perhaps I need to open my perspective much wider than it currently exists. Don't ever stop listening and learning.

Love to you all -

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