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Self esteem/ worth/ and confidence, can be a mighty sword with some and a heavy sack of rocks for others.
As we drift through life we are molded through the environment around us - but then we are all aware of this - just a reminder.
Nobody asks to be born into a certain ethnic group, or poor, or insecure and fearful, with disease or deformity (the list can go on & on we all know), or handicapped in any way.
And true - some see these as challenges - not handicaps. Some are stronger - others not. But yet agian, we were born and influenced without choice. Those who are strong - are strong - those born without some of the nicer tools (Snap-on vs Fischer Price) have another row to hoe.
We are all born with a backpack - a place to put tools of the trade - life that is.
And, along the way others, with or without knowledge of it, slip items into our backpack that take up space, add weight, and hinder progress. Some do not - those are our friends. They help to lift a rock from within the confines of the pack.
For some - the pack is filled with strong durable tools that are used to build strong foundations.
For others - well, Fischer Price is not what they would have requested.
Did they ask for this? Yes oh Lord I prefer the Fisher Price tools because they are colorful, light weight, and will probably be easier to pack. I think not.
A lot of us view the backpacks of others and pass judgement. Is the backpack of quality material, or is it K-Mart?
Does it have the right essentials to set up camp and have a bite of tasty food, or is it full of rocks?
I enjoy meeting people with the tools, as I learn from them, and perhaps I too can share a tool that opens a door.
But, I also watch the person with a raggedy old backpack full of rocks and sand.
As we reach a hand to others, we can help lift a rock from their burden, and perhaps slip in a tool that can open a door.
But, if we hand them sand - it gets dumped into the backpack and slowly works it’s way into every crack and crevice, nook and cranny, that is available.
It adds weight to an already worn pack. And, as we know sand, it can be impossible to clean out - as goes sand.
Sand can be strong mortar when mixed with other essential elements, and can help build a strong foundation. But, without those other essential elements, it grinds and wears down everything it touches.
So, when you see another, and their backpack seems to be falling apart from age and weight - see if you can offer a stitch that mends a hole - not a knife that can cut another.
Did you lend them a tool, show them where to find one, or did you throw sand at them?

A hand has a firm grasp and can help another - sand however, is impossible to grasp as it runs between finger and off the side as gravity pulls it beyond a reasonable grasp.

Encourage - be a solution - see potential.

HBowt2 60F

6/6/2006 11:50 pm

When I read the bit about fisher price tools I thought of people who wanted to stay as children....and there are a few of them still around...the ones that carry there childhood and just can't move on...the responsibilities of being an adult just weigh too much to put in their backpack..

fortunaswm replies on 6/7/2006 6:07 am:
mmmmm - so some of their sand must have gathered from the sandbox - good point. And as with a child - perhaps I can hand them a tool that helps.

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