And The Others  

fortunaswm 63M/53F
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5/26/2006 11:00 am
And The Others

The ferns are gone and lost forever.
But in my moments of doubt while walking the desert, my other plants had started to suffer.
And as I had a correlation between the ferns and the woman I had loved with such passion - I now saw my other plants - the ones I retrieved for self - as a correlation with self.
They too were dying, but, unlike the ferns - these could still be saved.
I saw my life as it is through the plants in my home.
My ferns had died, as had my love, though that love will never truly disappear.
And now, as with self - the others were suffering neglect.
So, as with my life, I started pruning, watering, feeding and pampering. A little TLC to pull them out of drought and back into health.

In this time of re-gathering and growth hope is renewed with fresh perspective and a new zeal for life.

Peace to you all

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