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6/8/2006 8:09 pm

I must speak for so many people I used to think when I was first coming out that I never wanted to fall in love. i worked at a gay bar and I would see couple go into the bar together and walk out with someone else the other would be upset. there would be jealous couples and someone was always getting hurt. I never wanted that. I just wanted to date and be friends and I never wanted to hurt. I never wanted to fall in love. I stopped working at the bar and started going out to bar with my friends. I would spot someone and my friends would bet to see if I got the girl I did and I would go home with her. Just friend remenber. But one day when I was at this part time job I looked up and saw the most beautifull women she was what I always wanted I asked people about her they told me that she was with someone that did not stop me. She found out that I had been asking about her and she called me on the outside phone we desided to meet and I new at that moment that what I had been tring to avoid just cam crashing down I was in love with this women right from the first time I saw her.

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