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9/1/2005 10:12 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Now thats it

I have bee surfing over to see what these Blogs are all about and came to the conclusion "It only exercise you typing fingers”

I see very little replies to any blogs and it is mainly the writer viewing his/her opinion. (Like I am doing now)
I would like to get into the action before investing any good money on a useless exercise.

So if there are any ladies checking out my profile and like what you see, please proof me wrong.
Isn't it strange that men are the more aggressive partner on the net, I always found it to be the other way around in real life. (Men talk the talk but woman walk the walk).
Since I travel a lot, I don't get a lot of time to settle into a circle of friends to have any meaningful form of relationship. Hence I grab a little something sweet on the spur of the moment and hope her husband works late or the boyfriend is out drinking.
Are all the ladies on the net playing hard to get or are they getting enough. Very few do the effort of browsing the possibilities and interact to find the real McCoy.

So send a wink or any other form of communication to show the administrators of this site don't sit all day loading fake female profiles to get the guys interested to spend their hard earned money on the subscription. We can rather use it to take you to new heights!!!

Since I type about 30 words per minute, I don't need any more exercise.

Take it when ever you get the change, if not you will regret it later……….

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